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Ye Old Orchard – More than just a morning pint

The 411

ye-old-orchard-exterior-ndg-smallOnce upon a time on drunken St Patrick’s Day a bunch of my friends and I got up bright and early and had an Irish breakfast, at Ye Olde Orchard Pub. I had never eaten Irish breakfast before and was very curious about it. We all ordered different dishes but none of us were brave enough for the green eggs and ham. Since then I have a feeling that I failed at something and I needed to step back onstage and show that I could eat it no matter how weird and Dr Seuss-esque it sounds like. So on one of my previous forays into NDG, I saw that the Ye Old Orchard pub served breakfast on the weekends, and since I was meeting up with one of my friends from NDG and we both wanted something new for brunch , the choice seemed obvious.

At 1st glance

When you walk up to Ye Old Orchard Pub you are greeted by a quaint little terrace which seats a couple of tables and more importantly has a wheelchair ramp so the entrance is truly open to all, and although the path to the washroom may be tight it is possible and the washroom is wheelchair accessible. Once you get in you notice the pub vibe with a large bar in the middle, flat screen LCD TVs showing sports games and a rich dark wood all around giving it that comfortable look. We settled into the banquette near the window so we could get some extra sunlight and although the direct sun makes it hot to sit in the air conditioning helps counter that.


green-eggs-and-ham-ye-old-orchard-montreal-smallThe menu is a simple one-pager that can best be described as pub-style breakfast meaning hearty food that sticks to your ribs. In fact, the main section is actually called pub-style breakfast and has four options priced at either $8.99 or $6.99 if you want a smaller portion (2/3 the size) The smaller portion price is a smart idea since not everyone is as hungry as me when they get there. The prices are pretty sweet, and the fact that you can have morning beer (not included in the price) is a nice little bonus. The pub style options range from; a three egg dish, omelet or mish mash, green eggs and ham, and Irish French toast. There is also the hearty highlander breakfast ($12.99) which comes with three eggs, grilled tomatoes, potatoes, toast, fruit, Irish toast, bacon, black forest ham, and a half trio of sausage. They also have a section for smaller items like bagels and cream cheese ($7.99), fried egg sandwich ($5.99), grilled cheese ($5.99) and an omelet sandwich ($8.99).

hearty-breakfast-ye-old-orchard-montreal-smallWe went straight for the green eggs and ham and Irish toast. My friend got the Irish toast which is a French toast that is done with Baileys and if you are a Bailey’s fan you will love this. The French toast has a prominent Baileys taste with some spots having an even greater concentration of it so it really stands out. The dish also comes with a side of sausage comprised of lamb or pork with Swiss cheese mixed in. The Swiss cheese one was really good and did not at all taste how I had expected it. I ended up getting the green eggs and ham and to answer the age old question of how to you make eggs green? Well, you use pesto, yup that’s right pesto! So, my plate came with scrambled eggs and black forest ham with potatoes. The eggs definitely had that pesto taste which was quite good, and the ham was excellent, sweet and very tasty. There was also a side of potatoes and cantaloupe, which were quite good. I found the plate filling but I would have liked a little more helping although I should note that my appetite has been like that of a pregnant woman as of recently so you may want to use your own judgment in regards to how full you feel.


Our waitress was very nice and charming. She even let us know that there was the option of a 2/3 portion which is around two dollars cheaper. She also did a good job explaining the different types of options on the plates. Coffee refills were prompt and food came to the table without too long a wait, and same thing for the bill.


Although one would assume that breakfast at a pub would be all meat, it actually isn’t. In fact, only 3 dishes come with meat. Although if you are looking for a healthier option or a vegan option then good luck – the plates are hearty and that translates into dairy, or eggs as well a not much fruit.

Wrap up

Ye Olde Orchard is a nice place to go if you want a different kind of breakfast or if you wish to start drinking early on in the day and feel you need an excuse like food to do so. The menu is small, not that varied but the prices are very affordable and it is an overall hearty option. It is definitely a pub style menu so don’t expect egg white omelettes or eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. I found it a nice change to the normal breakfast routine but I don’t think I would go too often. I do know, on the other hand, that if I’m in the area or feel like a hearty pub like breakfast then this would be the place.

5563 Monkland Avenue
Montreal Qc H4A 1E1
(514) 315-7932

Sat – Sun 9:00-14:00


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Kid Menu NO
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$$ $10-$12
Overall 3/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

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