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Ben and Florentine

Ben and Florentine – New addition to the West Island

The 411

ben-and-florentine-outside-smallA recent addition to the West Island, Ben and Florentine is a restaurant with three locations and a half dozen on the way. The West Island is an interesting spot for Brunch because you have a large population and a relatively small amount of breakfast places in relation to that population. So, when Ben and Florentine opened up it added some variety and choice for lots of hungry West Islanders.



Cafe Maurizio

Cafe Maurizio – West Island delight

The 411

cafe-maurizio-kirkland-smallThe West Island. What can I say other than it’s far? It’s where my Saturday yoga class takes place and I have friends who live there. Living in the east end, I always like to complain about the West Island. I find it fun to bug West Islanders about how far they live, but I after all the jokes are said I do recognize that there are some good spots to eat there and I do try to check out a couple breakfast places whenever I’m on the west side. On this week I went to get together with my friend and she was in charge of suggesting a place in the west island I had not been to. Her choice was a place that I had never even heard of called Maurizio Café.



Le Déjeuner Cosmopolitain West Island

Go West, Life is peaceful there

The 411

While most reviews found on this site will focus on downtown locations, an exception was made for this West side adventure. This decision was based on the recommendation of a friend of mine, and like most things in life… she was right. So, now that props have been given, down to the nitty gritty.

Situated in Pointe-Claire, Déjeuner Cosmopolitain (not to be mistaken with its sister Laval location) welcomes you into what can best be described as a breakfast bonanza. Its menu reads like a grocery list with choices bound to please all who visit. (more…)

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