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Breakfast Club & Moulerie

Breakfast Club & Moulerie – My first South Shore Adventure

The 411

breakfast-club-exterior-smallIn my quest to expand the areas I review I have spread out from the downtown core and plateau. I have gone out east, west, north, but I never ventured on the south shore. It’s not because its too far or that I am intimidated by the coupe Longueuil, but rather that it’s a black hole for brunch. I have not clue what is out there and researching places on the web does not give many valuable results. In the end, that means I need to drag myself to the shore and physically drive around to find a spot and to be frank, it’s just too big for me to do that. So, thankfully my friend told me about this place on the south shore that was described as one of the best in the south shore. In an effort to expand my area of places reviewed and find a decent non-chain breakfast place on the south shore off we went exploring to the land of mullets and camaros.


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