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Nüvü – Two umlauts in the same name, how awesome is that

The 411

The story behind this review is a little bit different from the others. This trip to Nüvü started with an email to another blogger which I follow: This is a cool French language blog that is part fashion, part brunch and is the creation of the very talented Laure. Basically, she is me but in French and with a focus on fashion as well. It’s cool how we tend to check out some of the same places and can be on the same page for good places and those places that disappoint as well. Long story short, we got to chatting and decided to do a meet up, and what better way to meet up than over brunch. We decided to try out Nüvü which is a pretty recent spot with an interesting menu and nice décor. How would the brunch go? Would Nuvu deliver? Who would show up late? All this and more in the paragraphs below.


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