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St-Viateur Bagel Cafe

St Viateur Bagel Cafe – A Montreal legend since 1957

The 411

st-viateur-bagel-ndg-exterior-smallAfter a grueling 18k morning run followed by 90 minutes of trying to survive 52 degrees of a hot yoga session, we made our way to NDG for some much needed refueling. I had not eaten a single thing since the night before and was physically exhausted which usually make for a bad combo. There are only a few places in NDG left that I have not reviewed and St Viateur Bagels & Cafe is one of them. You may know St Viateur as the same people who make Montreal’s best bagels, but did you know they opened up a two cafes? One on 127 Mont. Royal East and this one at 5629 Monkland Avenue.




Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The 411

Tiffanys Bistro and Grill MontrealFor almost a year I have had people asking me to check out Tiffany’s, but I never really got around to it and also, its situated in an area that I am rarely in. However, this Christmas an amazing thing happened when a friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to Tiffany’s and not only did it highlight the fact I really love brunch but it gave me the motivation to check it out. Now I need to state the obvious: the name chosen for this place is awesome and it makes choosing a tag line that much easier for this post. I mean how can you go wrong with something that makes everyone think of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


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