Mother's day 2014 - MONTREAL Brunch and Breakfast
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Mother’s day 2014

Mom: she gave you life; she took care of you; and, this year you will remember that it’s Mother’s Day and you want to take her for brunch. So, here’s where we come in to offer up some helpful Mother’s Day suggestions for which brunch in Montreal you should consider.
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Although before we start some basic tips.

  1. Call in advance. Don’t expect to show up somewhere like Maison Bolud for a spectacular Mother’s Day brunch without reservations. It will not go well when you realize that they have only 2 spots left and, oh yeah, that was in the last week of April.
  2. Get organized. Is this just you and Mom? Or does it involved your brother, sister, your sister’s boyfriend, your dad? If your family is anything like mine, agreeing on a spot – let alone coordinating everyone to show up on time- is like turning an elephant.
  3. How will people get there and how many fights will it cause? You may love that great little spot deep in the plateau but is the rest of your family that lives in Laval willing to spend 30 minutes looking for parking? The opposite also applies. For those who don’t have a car or will be spending an hour or more one way getting to that brunch spot in the West Island that is nice and convenient for you, but not the rest of your family.
  4. Try to remember this is a joyous occasion. If your mom is like mine she has done so much for you and has put up with loads of your crap over the years. So, flowers won’t hurt as well as a nice meal and company.

Now that we have discussed how to be a good human being, let’s get to where we are going because honestly you’re running out of time.

So we took a look at various scenarios and made some suggestions. Let’s take a look and choose what fits you best.

Small and quaint

So, your ideal Mother’s Day is a nice quiet brunch at a small spot that has a good meal and some character – a place where you do not have to deal with loud blaring music and is tucked away.

lili co montreal brunch vietnemese crepe
Lili & Co (4650 Rue De Mentana) offers an amazing brunch. They have an extensive wine selection and this 26 seater is quaint and hidden. They do not take reservations and it can get full if you go at peak hours so keep a backup in plan if you are not going early.

sain bol sampling menu 2 mediumSain Bol (5095 rue Fabre) is a favourite of ours, and this tiny little spot with a capacity of under 18 people has a light-refreshing look to it. The menu is focused on local organic produce with a vegetarian inspiration.

pyrus valentines day largePyrus (1481 Avenue Laurier Est) often gets overlooked yet they are a stable go-to spot. The menu is tasty with lots of options, seating is ample but you don’t feel crammed. They take reservations and the décor is ideal for either a small personal seating or a larger group.

chien-fumant-pulled-pork-waffleLe Chien Fummant (4710 rue De Lanaudière) a tiny spot, sometimes noisy, but always offering some incredibly tasty dishes. They take reservations and have never disappointed with the magical brunch inspirations they bang out of that kithcen.


So you want something fancy for brunch, something classic, a liitle French bistro maybe? Something where you can dress up and not feel out of place because everyone else around you is wearing skinny jeans and has an moustache? Well, here are some spots that offer that style and class while not sacrificing the quality of your meal.

Verses (100 Rue Saint Paul Ouest) over in the Old Port has a great lineup table d’hôte menu for $54 and an actual children’s menu for $14. This is great since people often charge you a kids rate but don’t offer anything fun. Here you get your grown meals with options of oysters, complimentary bubbly, lobster omelettes…. and you have an actual kids menu which is more fun and has crepes with berries, brownies and ice cream – the stuff your kids will actually enjoy so you don’t have to spend the whole time fussing with them because their palate is not the same as yours.

lemeacLemeac (1045 avenue Laurier Ouest) is a perfect French bistro brunch. The presentation of their dishes is only outmatched by their taste. The décor and ambiance is refined, the capacity is ample and they take reservations.

Birks-tartare-large-Birks Cafe (1240 Square Phillips) is breathtaking in the sense that it overlooks the Birks jewelry store and the menu is by Jérôme Ferrer of Restaurant Europea. The menu is a fixed one at $39.50 for adults and $19.50 for those under 12. You get multiple course and a complimentary mimosa or juice. The menu is refined, the décor and service is impeccable and they take reservations as well.

le richmond montreal lobester benedictLe Richmond (377 Rue Richmond) over in Griffintown impressed us with their food and décor. Granted, it is a little more hip than the other places we mentioned that in no way means their food is not impressive. The menu changed since we last went but with the ability to take reservations and ample seating, maybe treating Mom to a hot new spot may be what you are looking for.

eggs-benedict-holder-brunch-montreal-mothers-dayHolder (407 McGill St #100A) never disappoints. Their brunch is solid, they can handle large groups, they take reservations and it looks nice and refined. There is a set menu and this is a spot I often suggest to people when they have a group and need to find a place that offers good food and a fair price. They are also relatively kid friendly.

les accords terraceLes Accords (212 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest) is a gem hidden away behind some wrought iron gates with an open air courtyard. If it is sunny then this is a must – even if it isn’t, the food and service will not disappoint you. They take reservations and their capacity is quite ample.

All you can eat

Sometimes it’s impossible to make everyone happy. I mean, take a look at my family who thinks they’re doing brunch when, in reality, they almost all run for the lunch options. Explaining to them that the B in brunch is breakfast and what they really want is lunch is an exercise in futility. So, enter the brunch buffet or, as I call it, the argument ender. You have so much choice at the following places that everyone has something they will eat. This is ideal for large groups so those extended family Mother’s Day brunches will be best served by trying these options.

montrealaisLe Montréalais (900 René-Lévesque Blvd W) is a classic all-you-can-eat brunch buffet situated in the legendary Queen Elizabeth hotel. There is a special Mother’s Day brunch buffet for $59 that offers an exhaustive list of options. They take reservations and capacity is large.

Vieux-Port Steakhouse (39 Rue Saint Paul Est) has a multitude of stations and a special roasted lamb for their Mother’s Day brunch buffet. Prices are $31 for adults and $15.50 for kids under 10 years old. They also take reservations and the Old Port is a wonderful backdrop if you want to take a relaxing walk after a nice big meal.

sheraton-counter-largeSheraton Laval has loads of options and a great choice for those up in Laval as well with prices at $52.99 for adults and $26.99 for children between 4 to 11 years old (free under 4). Parking is ample with a mall next door, the capacity is large, the selection is impressive and it’s great for large groups.

Les Trois Tilleuls (290 Rue Richelieu, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu) has recently popped up on our radar. It has a nice Mother’s Day menu priced at $64 with multiple courses. For those on the South Shore, this is a good option and as a bonus they also have a spa so you can give mom that extra pampering she deserves.

chateau vaudreuilChateau-vaudreuil (21700 Trans-Canada Hwy) has 2 options: the first is in the restaurant at $49.99 for adults and 21.95 for kids 4 to 11 years old. Then, the second is in their Pavillon sur le Lac at $47.95 and 20.95 for kids 4 to 11 years old. Chateau Vaudreuil brunch offers both a buffet and plated fixed menu items. The brunch at Chateau Vaudreuil has always impressed us and makes the trip out to Varudreuil worth it.

With all these choices we wish you good luck and remember what Mr T used to say: “treat your momma right”

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