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Montreal Breakfast Review NOW IN FRENCH

Happy Valentine’s day! A gift from us to you.

Over the years I’ve done over 180 reviews, I’ve eaten in multiple cities and I’ve seen the Montreal brunch scene expand and evolve, but it’s been only in English. Now, I do speak French and can communicate in an oral fashion rather well, although my written French is not at a level that is “publishable”. So, over the last while I have been working with a friend of mine to start translating some reviews to French. We have a few now and are committing do more as time passes. We will be rolling out French ones as the weeks go on and want all future posts to be in both languages. Please note that this is a volunteer project and we will do our best to get regular postings.

I guess you can consider this our Valentine’s Day gift, to you.

With Lots of love,


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