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The 411

Since I have begun doing this site, I have implemented a policy of “have brunch, will travel.” I like this policy since it allows me to sample brunches from other cities and see their specialty. A while ago I was in Kahnawake with some friends to see the pow-wow and a friend told me that they have a brunch place here. The place doesn’t offer a typical native breakfast, but it’s somewhere I have never been so it makes it that much more interesting.

At 1st glance

Going to Kahnawake is not a short trip. It’s not like going to Ottawa but it’s still a little out of the way and you have to cross the Mercier bridge which is an experience on it’s own. Kahnawake is not an easy place to get around but since we had our friend who goes there often, he was able to navigate us through the town. In fact, there are no addresses on the buildings so this poses a particular challenge.


The menu is pretty much classic breakfast dishes. It is a one-pager where you can find all the classic dishes at a very good price and by very good, I mean a couple bucks less than what we get in town and with generous portions. The menu is as follows:

  • 3 Egg dishes: $3.25-$4.25
  • 6 omelettes: $4.95-$6.25
  • 3 pancake options: (choice of 1,2, or 3) $1.95, $3.95, $4.25
  • 4 breakfast sandwiches: $2.75-$3.95
  • 9 side orders: $1.35-$4.25
  • 4 specials with cornbread: $3.95-$11.95
  • 1 full egg and meat plate: $8.25
  • 1 steak and eggs: $11.25
  • Prices are low and coupled with large portion sizes makes for some very happy people at the table. We started off with the Edgewater special ($8.25) which is comprised of 2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage & beans. The plate was quite large and was loaded with meat, potatoes, 2 eggs and toast. I need to highlight that toast included with a dish has started to disappear on the menu of some place and they have begun charging for it. I noticed this has started to happen over the last year. The great thing about Edgewater is that they are keeping it old school. The meat was varied, the eggs were good (but it’s eggs you can’t really mess that up) and the potatoes were reviewed by our resident potato expert Batàta and here is what he has to say: Nothing special with their fries. They are fried over a plaque with oil and with no seasoning added (not even salt). The portions are big and the price is bargain-cheap but you leave your taste buds and diet at the door.

    The New York strip and 2 eggs ($11.25) was next. They ran out of New York strip so they gave us rib steak instead. The meat was very tasty and well cooked. It came with a side of potatoes which were not amazing. If you look at what you get and how much you pay, it’s an amazing deal.

    The vegetable omelette ($6.25) the omelette came with a side of fries and toast. The portion was enormous and probably weighs in as one of the largest omelettes I have ever seen and at one of the best prices by far. You really get a good deal in that you get a tasty, filling omelette that will not leave you hungry.

    My dish was a combination of 3 pancakes ($4.25) and 1 French toast ($1.95). I had to look to see if the cops where there because at prices like this, it’s a steal. I mean, 3 pancakes for just over four dollars is almost unheard of and not to mention they were tasty, fluffy and large. The French toast was a hefty size and tasted just like how I used to have them as a kid. The dish came with some maple syrup and I treated myself to a classic old school dish and did not waste a single crumb.


    Our waitress was the owner, I think. She was so nice and she kept the place open a little longer for us. The food came quickly and she also chatted and joked with us, making us feel at home. The coffee refills were also frequent.


    There are some vegetarian options but do not expect any healthy low fat choices. This place is a classic breakfast spot so don’t ask for a low fat chai latte.

    Wrap up

    I can think of only a few spots that offer this much bang for your buck. The prices are rock bottom, the portions are extremely generous and the food was honest and tasty. The menu is not too fancy, since this is your classic breakfast offering except with big portions and small prices. My one issue was that my mug was kind of dirty or stained, maybe from being an old mug but that’s ok since this happens at other places in Montreal. If you are in the area you can check it out, but don’t make a trip for it if you live in Montreal.

    Kahnawake, Qc,
    (450) 632-0266

    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site NO
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $-$$ $5-$10
    Overall 3/5
    Wheelchair Access 1/3

    Parking Lot








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