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Dupond and Dupont

Dupond and Dupont – At TMR Brunch experience

The 411

dupond-dupont-interior-smallThe town of Mount Royal is not an usually associated with brunch In fact, it’s seen as a suburb with limited shops and a mall nearby; one would assume that if you lived in TMR and wanted a decent breakfast/brunch you would have do go to the Plateau to get some food. Although just recently two of my friends told me they had lunch at this amazing place called Dupond & Dupont and they saw that there was a weekend brunch menu. So armed with the fact that lunch was a success in addition to the fact that I always wanted to find a brunch place in TMR, we planned to take a trip and check it out.

At 1st glance

dupond-dupont-smallThe area itself can be confusing if you are not familiar with TMR. I ended up driving by the spot three times and only when I gave up and got out of my car did I notice where it was. There is a sign but with the canapé of the terrace, it’s not very visible unless you are on the other side of the street. But once in the area, just look for the blue and brown place next to the Premiere Moisson. In fact, both of them share the same entrance and they also use some of the baked goods from them which is a nice touch. The outside has a really nice terrace and is quite large. About a minute away there is a rose garden and green space you can walk through. The inside of Dupond & Dupont can best be described as casual-meets-elegant Mediterranean with nice tones of blue, brown and beige. The crowd is comprised of locals and primarily older people and families. In fact, we were the only young people there. The entrance is wheelchair accessible and there is a wheelchair accessible restroom between the the restaurant and the bakery (thanks to Elly for that clarification). The other washrooms are kind of out of the way in the basement and in need of a fresh coat of paint.


omelette-dupond-dupont-smallThe menu is a small one; it has 8 items all priced in the $10-$12 range with one dish at $14 and a kids menu section (for those under 11) with 2 items at $6. The kids items are crepes with chocolate and fruit and one egg choice of bacon or sausage, fruit and potatoes. All the dishes come with a complementary bottomless cup of coffee although we were split on if we liked it or not. I personally enjoyed it although my friends were not won over by it. I should note that everyone takes their coffee differently so you may have a totally different opinion altogether.

eggs-benedict-dupond-dupont-smallWe ordered 3 dishes each of which had a very clean and fresh presentation. The Norwegian Eggs ($14.00) are comprised of two eggs Benedict on a croissant drizzled with hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon, asparagus, a side of potatoes, and fruit. The use of asparagus worked quite well and the hollandaise sauce was just the right thickness. The croissant is a nice touch and gives this dish an extra little bit of classiness and an even more refined and delicious taste; although, the only down side is that a croissant is not the most filling and it’s a good thing you get two poached eggs and some smoked salmon on it or else it would be in danger of being too light.

crepe-gourmand-dupond-dupont-smallNext came the Antipasto omelette which comes with peppers, onions, Swiss cheese, a side of potatoes and fruit. The peppers stuck out and were pronounced although the eggy-ness of the dish was too subdued for my liking and this could have been improved with a stronger cheese or more of it. As omelettes go it was fair but could have been improved although, I did like the cooking of potatoes which seemed more like a quick searing than a crispened chunk you find at other places.

Lastly, the crepe gourmand ($12.00) is a single large crepe stuffed with chantilly, fresh fruit, and drizzled with chocolate. I was worried it would not be filling since it was only one crepe but it was jammed packed with fruit and cream. The chocolate was an excellent addition and the whipped cream was fresh and light. I was quite impressed with this dish.


The service was really nice and our waitress was really sweet. She was helpful with the selection and gave some helpful tips. Our coffee refills were also perfectly timed so my cup was never empty.


Half of the menu is vegetarian and it is comprised of mainly of crepes and omelettes. There is no real health item like a cottage cheese plate but the plates, in general, are quite healthy and unless you are a vegan you should have some choice. The only down side is that half of an 8 item menu leaves you with 4 options and if you are not in the mood for an omelette or a crepe then you’re out of luck.

Wrap up

I am very excited to have found a brunch place in TMR and I am doubly excited that it was actually good. This is a nice place to go have a tasty meal, sit on the terrace or even sitting inside if the weather is not hospitable. Basically it’s a place to sit, chill and unwind without being rushed and maybe even getting to enjoy the rose garden nearby. The menu is a touch small but covers most things. I would have liked to see one or two other varied options like maybe a waffle to change things up.

1297 Chemin Canora
Mont-Royal Qc H3P 2J4
(514) 739-9998

Sat- Sun 7:00-16:00


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site NO
Debit Card YES
Kid Menu YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$ $10-$12
Overall 4/5
Wheelchair Access 2/3

Parking Meter & Free Street



16, 165, 535

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23 minutes

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  • Elly says:

    By the way, there is a wheelchair access to the toilets, it is situated on the first floor just in between the the restaurant and the bakery. You just had to ask.


  • Norm says:

    Dupond & Dupont may be known for its breakfast and lunch, however its recently opened evening hours from Wed to Sat nights leaves a great deal to be desired. The menu is very limited and the prices are ridiculously too high. The rolls that were served were like pieces of rock and probably left over from breakfast. The croque monsieur served on raisin bread tasted like being served over rocks. It is a good thing none of us broke our teeth. My advice, find something better during the evening hours.

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