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Dejeuner Au P’Tit Dore

Dejeuner Au P’Tit Dore – Exploring Eastern Laval

The 411

ptit-dore-laval-outside-smallAs of recently, most of my reviews have been on the island of Montreal focusing primarily on the downtown area which is where most brunch places are situated, but I do like to go off the Island sometimes and check out the 450 to see what our Laval neighbours have cooking up there. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I try to mix up the areas I go to so as to not focus too much on one area but try to get the different parts so people can see what is close by to them.. Today we headed to Duvernay, in the eastern part of Laval, to check out Au P’tit Dore?.

At 1st glance

healthy-breakfast-smallNow, like many breakfast places in Laval, it’s in a strip mall. Laval is full of strip malls and almost every place I have been for brunch in Laval has been in a strip mall. It does offer ample parking but makes it a touch more ghetto.However, you never judge a book by its cover, or at least not until chapter 3. The inside is not very impressive and has a simple open space with a simple table and chairs set up; nothing fancy, just simple and to the point. Even the menu is classic and a little dated but that’s ok. It should be noted that lineups can form here and although there is ample space and turn over is quick, expect to wait a little if you show up after 11:30-ish. It is interesting to note that there is wheelchair access to get in as well as to the washroom – it’s just too bad that the washroom is so small, I don’t know how anyone with a wheelchair can fit in there, but at least there is a wheelchair accessible way to get into the restaurant.


breakfast-poutine-smallThe menu covers most bases of the classic breakfast options with most dishes priced under $10, with a special before 5 a.m. ($4.50-$5.99) as well as a kids menu priced at $3.50 which is really cool. As for choice they have a fair offering. They have 8 French toast options from $8.99-$9.99; 7 fruit options from $2.99-$8.99; 15 crepe/waffle options from $7.99-$9.99; 9 omelette options from $5.99-$7.99; there are also house specialties which are larger plates ranging from $7.99 to $10.99.

The menu covers most of the morning staple brunch groups such as a choice of 8 omelettes ranging from $7.50-$10.75 and many of which are vegetarian friendly; a choice of 9 egg dishes ranging form $5.50 to $10.50; 6 French toasts from $7.50-$11.95; choice of 10 crepes $7.50-$10.95 and 5 options on the eggs Benedict from $9.95 to $12.95. For the heath conscious there is even the health menu ranging from simple yogourt ($2.95), to the combo fruit plate with yogourt and honey or cottage cheese which is the same except that the yogourt is subbed by cottage cheese. Both of these are priced at $10.95. As well for families, there is a kids menu with a section following a Disney theme and all priced in the $5 area.

sweet-salty-crepe-ptit-dore-smallWe ordered the sweet & salty crepe ($8.99), dejeuner santé ($6.99) as well as a breakfast poutine ($3.99). The breakfast poutine seemed very interesting and was comprised of breakfast potatoes seasoned in a bowl drenched by a copious amount of hollandaise sauce and some cheese. I felt the cheese got lost in the mix and, in fact, it would have been better if they used a poutine cheese to give it that “rubberyness” that you can only find in a poutine. The portion size was fair and for $3.99, its an amazing price. I followed that up with a sweet & salty crepe which comes with bacon, fresh apple and cheese. I have had similar crepes like this at other places and have always like it. However, here they keep the apple pieces large and the bacon in strip. The cheese was also not melted in. I would have preferred a nice cheddar melted slightly with the apples warmed up. This dish could have been improved by changing a few small things. With all that said, it was mediocre. I also had an issue with one of the fruit slices where the orange slice was dried out and not juicy at all – it made for a poor presentation and should not have been plated. Lastly, there was the “dejeuner santé”, which entails poached egg, cottage cheese and a mountain of fruit. Now, the term “mountain of fruit” is what they describe it as on the menu, but, it was not a mountain, it was an average amount of fruit. The fruit was fresh though, even the orange and the pineapple was excellent, I should also mention that the was a large portion of cottage cheese which was nice to see. My friend requested to change the poached egg for a sunny side up which they did do although sadly it was cold which is disappointing considering it is not a difficult dish to make and should have been warm.


Our waitress was pretty fast and she did refill our coffee quite often and was very cheery – only near the end did she forget about us but its ok. Also, their turn around time is quite quick and when someone leaves they don’t waste time clearing the table and those that are waiting are seated quickly.


There are vegetarian options, the omelettes have some choice and the fruit/health does offer choice at a fair price. As for vegan, you will likely have to order from the fruit sections if you want something.

Wrap up

Au P’tit Dore? is your classic breakfast place with no thrills but is well priced and they are opened early and all week long. I was disappointed with the fact that one plate had a cold egg and another was not overly impressive. I figure if you stick to classic eggs and bacon they can’t really mess it up. I would not come back again but if you’re in the area and want a simple plate of eggs and bacon then try it -I mean the prices are great, but other than that nothing else would bring me here.

330 Ch DE LA Normandie
Laval, QC H7G 2A8
(450) 669-1019

Monday – Saturday 5:00 a.m – 15:00 p.m.
Sunday 7:00 a.m – 15:00 p.m.


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site NO
Debit Card YES
Kid Menu YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $-$$ <$10
Overall 3/5
Wheelchair Access 1/3

Parking Lot



42, 48, 58, 70

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