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Resto De L’institut

The 411 – For those of you who have been following my reviews, you may know that the Villeray area has been expanding on their brunch selections. I have recently posted a few of the more recent additions to the area. L’institut de sculpture culinaire is a school for fruit carving and presentations. By carving I don’t mean carving a thanksgiving turkey, I mean carving fruits and vegetables; you know those large displays at special events made of fruit? Well this school will teach you that. Besides teaching, they recently opened a restaurant that started to offer a weekend brunch.



Enchanteur Cafe Bistro

Enchanteur – An enchanting brunch in Villeray

The 411

Villeray is a part of town that I have been frequenting for many years. In fact, before it became one of the new hip places to live in Montreal, I remember it as a dingy, grey and run down area with a lack of decent places to eat and go out. I was shocked when I went to L’enchanteur and saw an area that had changed; there were some cafes, restaurants, condos, young families etc. It is definitely not the way it used to be. Now I have the chance to check out a spot that will provide brunch and not just a bacon and egg dish but something with a menu that has more than 3 items.



Le Coin G

Le Coin G – The right spot 😉

The 411

Coin G Villeray St MichelWhen I first told my friend we were going to Le coin G her mind went right into the gutter and was taken aback. Now not to be confused with that other magical spot named after Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg (see you just learned something there), Le coin G is a little resto in the Villeray district that mainly people who live in the area know about. Although I don’t live there I have heard some good stuff about it and was really curious to check it out. So after some good laughs and some interesting web research on this rather unfortunate (yet interesting) name we headed out one sunny day to Guizot street (that’s whats its really named after)


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