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Orange Café

As sweet as its name

The 411

One of the better known brunch places in the West End, Orange Cafe has made a name for itself not only in NDG but across the city. Now having heard many good reviews of this place I had never actually been so you can imagine my excitement when two of my friend suggested that we go
there. What came after was quite the culinary experience.

At 1st glance

Once you walk up to Orange Cafe you wonder what is so special about this place since the front is not that assuming nor is the area in general. The inside is a simple setup of banquet seats and some tables, nothing fancy, although they do have wheelchair access which is a nice touch. (more…)



Home of the legendary Mish Mash

The 411

Cosmos is a place that you will likely have heard of as a Montreal Legend, a small 11 stool greasy spoon that serves up some really well priced egg dishes and their famous Mish Mash.

At 1st glance

As you pass by Comos you have to look carefully as the sign is faded. There’s Christmas decorations in the window and the interior looks like a textbook greasy spoon. So why go in, you ask yourself? Well, put your doubts aside and get in line, you are about to experience Montreal Breakfast history. In the summer there are a couple tables outside and during the winter there’s a line-up. This is not your typical go eat, get comfy and read a newspaper place; this is a get in, place your order, sit, eat, pay and leave kind of place. The turnover is quite fast and the line-up is usually 20 minutes.


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