Valentines Day Brunch 2011 - MONTREAL Brunch and Breakfast
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Valentines Day Brunch 2011

Valentines Day – Some helpful Brunch ideas for that special day

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day; that special day when all my favourites spots get filled up with couples. Well, this year it falls on Monday, which would make a Valentine’s Day brunch technically difficult; although that being said, expect people to be keeping busy the weekend before the big day. Last year I did a piece where I compared various spots to the kinds of relationships you tend to fall into. This year I’m going to keep it simple and give you the quick and dirty of what’s a good spot to go to based on décor and food, and overall experience (yeah I know that last one is kind of vague). So, for all those who ask for nice little romantic spots, here are a couple of spots that come to mind.

Cote Soleil: I love this spot with all my heart and soul (well not exactly that much) but the food is good, the ambiance is not too fancy yet still chill and the service is good, not too mention the tasty food and not your run of the mill dishes. It’s the little things that make me love this place like how their dishes will often come with some of the most varied types of fruit, this is something you will not often find at other places. Also, just recently I discovered this lovely little spot near the window that is a table for 2 that overflows with light and is slightly tucked away from other tables which makes for a nice romantic spot.

McKiernan: another spot I love for the great décor, outstanding food and laid back feeling. Good luck getting a table here because it’s tiny and they do not do reservations. Even if you get there early, there is no guarantee you will get a spot BUT if you do, it is so worth it. The food is spectacular with different items on the menu making for a culinary adventure everytime you go. They also have this tiny little table for two in a nook near the window that is so nice and cozy you will fall in love with it (that is, if you aren’t already in love with the one you’re with).

Griffintown Café is a good safe bet, and they do reservations. Their food is always good, the service is friendly and the décor is nice and chill, it kind of has a farmhouse feel to it both in its decor and honest ingredients. This place is a reliable spot that will not disappoint especially when the food hits the table.

Cabotins is a new spot that has a funky décor. The main draw for this on Valentine’s Day would be their private room. They have this one room where they close the door and serve your food via this tiny little opening just large enough to slide your food in. The inside is red and glittery and this room only seats two people. It is 100% romantic and to be honest I don’t know how you go about to get it so I would suggest calling and asking now.

Birks Café is a fancy brunch dream but you will need to reserve in advance. You will have to pay around 40$ a head but you get 4 courses, unlimited coffee, juice and wait for it… mimosas. That’s right free mimosas! You can have yourself a fancy Valentines Day treat, just make sure you do not drive after. The décor is amazing, the service is impeccable, the food is refined and the mimosas get refilled constantly. Also, do keep in mind that this is in a high end jewelry store so you will pass by various rings and jewelry so, be prepared to be tempted.

Café Les Entretiens will take you back to last year’s reviews. Café Entretiens offers a musical brunch with a pianist playing some lovely background music as you sit down and enjoy a meal. The décor is rich with wood and well lit and the back tables are my favourite spots. The food has been inconsistent the last few times I was there but the ambiance is well worth it.

Figaro is a trip to Paris – the city of love. I love the décor! The menu options are limited but the place has an amazing look to it. You can sit, grab a croissant and coffee and just enjoy your time together. Some other options from the menu can really bring you to another world.

Le Cartet has the menu and décor to match your ideal weekend brunch. It is refined yet still relaxed. I know both of those words seem to imply opposite things, but trust me, you will love the food and the décor is so wide open that it allows you to breathe with its’ high ceilings. They do not do reservations and there is always a lineup so do keep that in mind before heading over.

Holder is nice and reliable with lots of tables to offer. The fact that they allow reservations makes Holder a logical choice. The menu is pretty good and the giant windows up front guarantee a well lit ambiance. There is also the added bonus that you are in old Montreal which can add to your romantic rendez-vous.

So that’s all folks! Enjoy the company of your valentines and if you can’t have breakfast in bed than consider checking out some of these spots and let us know which spots you love.

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