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L’gros luxe

gros luxe montreal exterior

A newcomer on the brunch scene, L’gros luxe, is getting people talking. Talking about a brunch that, by early accounts, looks good, tastes good and is well priced. There’s also the fact that they are doing some fun stuff with a variety of bloody Caesars and some impressive garnishes.



Blanc de Blanc

blanc de blanc exteriorOver on Villeneuve street, just a little east of Parc, is this little café, or is it a laundromat? Or is it both… Actually Blanc de Blanc is both and a little more. One afternoon after having having spent some time on Mt Royal, we walked over and decided to try it out. (more…)


Byla Byla

The 411 Lasalle and Ville-Émard are part of the city where I don’t have too many brunch options listed. I mean, there are a few spots, but they tend to fall into the greasy spoon category. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with greasy spoons, but choice is a nice thing to have. So, ‘by choice’ I mean having some greasy spoons, some fancy spots, and some ethnic spots, you know, some kind of variety. So Byla Byla is an interesting option; it’s a sit down restaurant, so not your usual kind of greasy spoon, while also not an exclusive fancy spot, nor is it 100% ethnic.


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