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Sel Gras

from street view sel gras monteal brunch

A few months after its opening, we fell upon Sel Gras. Having read about it and its rather impressive crew working the kitchen, we have had this on our short list for some time. So with a friend coming in from out of town and a need to try something totally different it felt like the logical choice to give Sel Gras over in the Mile End a shot.



Restaurant Evoo

evoo exterior

The 411 The growth we saw in the Atwater market a few years back has stretched west into Saint Henri. With this growth and expansion, you start seeing new restaurants opening up and serving brunch. Evoo is a rather recent addition to the scene and one weekend I was looking for something brand new, something I hadn’t seen at all and something that can surprise me so Evoo seemed to be like a good option.


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