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Brunch at Cafe Parvis

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The Montreal downtown core or the Golden Square Mile as some people like to call it is lacking quality brunch spots. You have a mix of chain and some scattered spots here and there but the area oddly enough needs development in terms of more quality places offering brunch. Now Café Parvis opened late last winter and did not do brunch at first but a few months after opening, they started offering brunch on the menu. Now if you don’t know where Café Parvis is, then head down to Mayor street and look for the funky little café next to Furco, duck in for a coffee and a bite and you will soon be adding it to your list of downtown places for go to.



Deville Diner Bar Brunch Series part 1

Recently a new place opened up in the downtown core by the name of Deville Diner. It’s different from most places in that it’s a diner, not a deli, not a quick serve, not a traditional family dining spot, it’s an actual diner. Montreal traditionally does not have many diners, we have Delis but if you have been to New York and eaten at a diner you know what the difference is. It’s the look, the feel, the food, and Montreal really hasn’t had any that stand out until now. Now like all things in Montreal there’s a twist to it and Deville is no exception as it is a diner for the 21st century in that there are accents in the décor, and has a diner look and feel to it. The menu focuses on classic diner items like burgers, meat dishes, and sandwiches but they give them a modern spin often inspired by some famous dishes and restaurants in North America, creating something new and unique yet still comforting the way a diner in New York welcomes you. (more…)

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