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Le Toasteur

Le Toaster – 3 years in the waiting

The 411

When I first started this site, Le Toasteur was a name I saw a couple times on various forums. I always felt it had a cool name and people seemed to have positive things to say about it. I never got a chance to check it out and I have even eaten a few times on Laurier street around there but I never got a chance to try it out. So, after almost 3 years (yes we’re almost there), I managed to make it to Le Toaster and see if it was worth my procrastination.




Wellhouse – An addition to the Westmount scene

The 411

Westmount is nice little spot in Montreal with lots of parks, nice homes, and, unfortunately, a lack of brunch options. I can count on one hand how many spots in Westmount offer brunch. When Wellhouse began offering brunch I was curious to see what it offered to the brunch scene. So we got a bunch of people together and headed out.


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