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Montreal Brunch Terrace Roundup 2011

Best of Montreal Brunch Terraces

Today we take you to some of Montreal’s most notable terraces that serve up brunch. We go from Outremont, to the plateau all the way to the old port to find you some spots that offer that perfect location for a sunny day. So make the best of the good weather and take a look, try them out and feel free to comment on what you feel and what your favourite is


Le Pois Penché

Le Pois Penché – 1940’s Paris in Montreal

The 411

Fancy brunch; sometimes those words can scare you or take your breath away. Fortunately, in Montreal we have lots of choice when it comes to brunch and there is almost one kind of brunch for every person whether it’s an ethnic inspired brunch, classic brunch, greasy spoon theme or a fancy brunch. Some people may find it odd to take something as straight forward as eggs and bacon and make it fancy. Don’t get me wrong, some brunch places have tried and there have been some successes and failures. So, when I hear about a fancy brunch spot I get worried because of two things: first being having to pay more for a brunch that may disappoint and the second being that the brunch may get all experimental on me. Le Pois penché has been on my list to check out for some time now. It was suggested by my friend’s brother and he knows about tons of spots so I trusted his opinion. Nevertheless, I am always worried when I eat anywhere too close to Crescent street but I was committed to giving Le Pois Penché a fair try.


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