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Cabane a sucre pied de cochon apple season 2014

exterior of cabane a sucre pied de cochon apple season 2014 It’s Pied de Cochon time again- cabane a sucre apple season: the-over-the-top seasonal gastronomic extravaganza from the brain of Martin Picard and his team; and, this year does not disappoint. This time we have a twist on the apple season. Although apples are featured in the menu, we have an emphasis on vegetables as well and the bounty of the harvest that the summer has brought us. You can see it from the items in the food to the bright red colours the staff is wearing – you see that summer is upon us. Now, don’t be afraid that just because we said vegetables, there is still loads of meat and foie gras, I mean, this is Pied de Cochon, after all, so you are guaranteed to have a copious meal filled with meat and foie gras. With all things involving the creative direction of chefs and in order for things to remain fresh and up to date they will keep changing the menu. What we saw today will be what others will see this season but ingredients and items might change as we get feedback and other seasonal items become available. Remember this spans from August 15 to November 1st so we cover summer and fall. (more…)


Pied de cochon Cabane a sucre 2013

Every year we look forward to one event and that is the Pied de cochon Cabane a Sucre. Getting a reservation here takes patience, luck and divine intervention on behalf of the food gods. Now to be clear, I still haven’t gotten my call back from them but, thankfully, my friend did and got the first date so he offered me a spot. For this, I am eternally grateful. The dinner menu is the same as the daytime menu so, with a liberal interpretation, I am adding this to my brunch reviews. (more…)

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