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Byla Byla

The 411 Lasalle and Ville-Émard are part of the city where I don’t have too many brunch options listed. I mean, there are a few spots, but they tend to fall into the greasy spoon category. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with greasy spoons, but choice is a nice thing to have. So, ‘by choice’ I mean having some greasy spoons, some fancy spots, and some ethnic spots, you know, some kind of variety. So Byla Byla is an interesting option; it’s a sit down restaurant, so not your usual kind of greasy spoon, while also not an exclusive fancy spot, nor is it 100% ethnic.




Marchigiani – An Italian take on your morning

The 411

Ville Lasalle is a part of town that generally does not show up on my brunch radar. Of the places I have seen, they have been more of a traditional breakfast theme and there are so few compared to the amount of people living there. Lasalle also has the benefit of having a variety of ethnic groups giving me the hope to find some funky ethnic inspired spots, but as of now nothing has shown up. When meeting up with a friend of mine and fellow blogger Optimus Mastro I asked him to find something in Lasalle that is yummy and new to me. Marchigiani hit the table and away we went.




Crescendo – Waterfront fun in Verdun

The 411

crescendo-outside-smallI often get challenging requests to find particular brunch places with various menu items, budgets, times of day, all you can eat buffet, and geographic areas. Now, I must say that I’m pretty good with most of these and especially when it comes to various boroughs in Montreal EXCEPT for when it comes to Verdun. Verdun is like a black hole where maps are wrong, addresses are messed up and street signs are flat out missing. While visiting a friend in Verdun, I was able to show her a couple of brunch places and trust me, there weren’t many. I had recently came across this web site called shoestring Montreal that showcases inexpensive and tasty places to go to around Montreal (BTW – check it out). On that site we saw a posting for this place in Verdun that did brunch by the water. We were so curious and excited about this that we decided to check it out.


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