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Montreal cabane a sucre season

Montreal_winter_Maple_1Every year just as winter begins to ease up, the sap starts flowing and people begin heading out to get their maple fix at various cabane a sucres/sugar shacks outside of the city. Back in the day, the only way people would get their maple syrup addiction fed was to head out of town and hit up a sugar shack. Normally people would associate sugar shacks with very simple/traditional meals. The standard lineup at most sugar shacks include baked beans, eggs, mini sausages, potatoes, pork rinds, beets, and loads of maple syrup, in almost every dish. Pretty much basic dishes that haven’t changed or evolved in years. Things started to change when Martin Picard’s Pied de Cochon cabane a sucre made waves by taking these traditional dishes and making them fancy, combining them with modern dishes while keeping you full and having a steady supply of maple. They did such a good job that people started getting inspired and lots of places started looking at bringing this cabane a sucre experience into the city and having fun with these traditional dishes. (more…)

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