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Valentines Day Brunch 2011

Valentines Day – Some helpful Brunch ideas for that special day

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day; that special day when all my favourites spots get filled up with couples. Well, this year it falls on Monday, which would make a Valentine’s Day brunch technically difficult; although that being said, expect people to be keeping busy the weekend before the big day. Last year I did a piece where I compared various spots to the kinds of relationships you tend to fall into. This year I’m going to keep it simple and give you the quick and dirty of what’s a good spot to go to based on décor and food, and overall experience (yeah I know that last one is kind of vague). So, for all those who ask for nice little romantic spots, here are a couple of spots that come to mind.

Cote Soleil: I love this spot with all my heart and soul (well not exactly that much) but the food is good, the ambiance is not too fancy yet still chill and the service is good, not too mention the tasty food and not your run of the mill dishes. It’s the little things that make me love this place like how their dishes will often come with some of the most varied types of fruit, this is something you will not often find at other places. Also, just recently I discovered this lovely little spot near the window that is a table for 2 that overflows with light and is slightly tucked away from other tables which makes for a nice romantic spot.



Holder Restaurant Bar

Holder – Old Port Bistro meets Brunch

The 411

holder-montreal-outside-smallNow this review is actually a few months old and seems to have gotten lost in my pile of reviews so I figured I should post it now. This goes back to a special event that I had for my website’s 1 year anniversary. The idea was to find a spot that would offer a decent brunch in a nice area and that would take reservations for 20 people. It is important to note that reservations for brunch is not an easy thing to come by especially if you know that not everyone would show up on time. I know some places do smaller reservations but for 20 people that would be a stretch. So, I went over all the places that could fit a group of this size and then Holder came to mind. I had never eaten brunch here before and I had heard that they recently began serving brunch. Since I have eaten dinner there a few times and was quite satisfied with the food, I figured I would try out a new review with my anniversary gathering. They had no problems taking such a large reservation so I contacted my friends and the anniversary brunch “Bonanza” was on track.


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