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Ma’ tine Brunch Montreal

ma tine brunch montreal interior bar

Ma’tine is a new discovery on the brunch scene, located in the gay village. We were excited to check out this new brunch spot that brings some brunch muscle outside of the usual Plateau and Mile End areas. Early buzz on Ma’tine was that it was a fresh new take on brunch, with the original team that made Micro Resto la Famille one of our favourite spots. The Daniel-Six brothers (Jérémy and Maxime) have been making waves everywhere they go and all you need to do is try their food and you will understand why.




Jolifou – Brunch comfort food that doesn’t end

The 411

As part of Festival en Lumiere, I decided that it would fun to see what some of the brunch options are for the festival.. Festival en Lumieres offers us a rare chance to have brunch at places that rarely do brunch and Jolifou is one of them. I had never had the chance to go for their dinner service although, I have only heard good things. Keep in mind that they only do Brunch once a year and that is during Festival en Lumiere so this is a limited opportunity to check it out. So, a group of 4 of us decided to go try it and see if it would be worth waiting another 365 for the next time they offer brunch; what we found surprised us.


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