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A Table

A Table – Nuevo Latino success yet again

The 411

Last year I had the pleasure of checking out Madre, which is one of the restaurants of Mario Navarette Jr, a chef who does Nuevo latino style of cooking. Madre was a hit and is one of my favourite brunch experiences so, when I heard that he had another place that did brunch by the name of A table, I needed to check it out. Situated on Fleury, in the Ahuntsic area, A Table is not in it the usual spots you would expect a cutting edge restaurant to be. Often we picture the Plateau, Mile End or Old Port but this location choice is quite interesting.




Fleury Flourishes

The 411

When I first was introduced to Zagrum I was shocked how such a unique breakfast place would be on Fleury, an area you would not assume had an abundance of good breakfast food.

At 1st glance

At first glance I saw a pretty modern place that did not have that “breakfasty” look to it. Although every time I go I like the clean open area with tables all about, a good view into the kitchen and a nice terrace during the summer. Zagrum is also wheelchair accessible, although the washrooms are not.


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