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Resonance Café

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The 411 Over the years there have been more and more vegetarian and, in particular, vegan restaurants opening up in Montreal. This was not the case when we started. Finding a vegan spot in general was tricky and even more so a place that did brunch AND was vegan. You could always manage to get a vegetarian option on the menu since not every dish had meat in it so you were ok on that front. Nowadays some minor changes to a menu can allow a restaurant to offer a Gluten free option. Having Buckwheat crepes is one easy way of doing this but there are still many items on the menu that require a little more creativity to make them truly gluten free. So, when we passed by Resonance on Avenue du Parc, we were enticed to see that it was offering both a vegan & gluten free brunch.




Voro – Fairmount sprouts a brunch option

The 411

Nestled on Fairmount street, you will find a lovely spot called Voro: a café where locals like to come have a coffee, soak up some sun and grab some brunch. Situated on Fairmount (corner Jeanne Mance), Voro is ideally situated for locals who want to duck in and grab a bite. You will find there is a mix of people; families with small children, older people, and people in the 20’s. In fact, the day we were there, there some strollers parked outside. Why they were outside I don’t know, since people had some inside with them – maybe to save space?


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