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Cabane à Sucre Pied de Cochon Maple 2015

cabane a sucre pied de cochon maple syrup on snow
As the winter begins to drag on we all need something to help us make it through. Some escape to the a sun soaked beach, some go skiing, others find romance and hunker down in relations. All of these are coping methods to deal with the harsh Montreal winters; cold, ice, snow, limited daylight all take a toll. Although, one event in my mind truly shines a light to a dreadful period of the year: the Pied De Cochon Cabane à Sucre session.

cabane a sucre pied de cochon food truckThis year we went on the opening weekend of February 14th. That’s right – Valentine’s day. What better way to spend the most romantic or depressing (depends how you see it) day of the year than to be with friends having an over-the-top meal? (more…)

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