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Queen Mary

The 411 Off of decarie, on Queen Mary, is an old neighbourhood that has been undergoing some changes. The area is gentrifying so that means old buildings disappear and new condos show up – whether this is a good thing or not is another discussion but I’m just here to talk brunch and breakfast. My friend moved there recently and has been going to this little spot called restaurant Queen Mary. Right off the bat, she told me that it’s more of a greasy spoon than the places I go to but that doesn’t mean I haven’t reviewed a greasy spoon nor am I opposed to reviewing them. The greasy spoon often gets a bad rep but it serves a vital purpose of providing filling food, quickly and on the cheap end. You can settle up to the counter to order your dish, down it with some coffee and then pay $5 and be full. Lets keep in mind most brunches can in some cases come close to $20 when you factor in your dish, coffee, taxes and tip.


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