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Suite 701

suite 701 exterior

The Old Port is a great place to do brunch with lots of options and scenic backdrops of historic buildings and the waterfront. With its rich history and a multitude of optionsspread throughout there is something for everyone’s taste and Suite 701 has some interesting options for your taste buds.



Atelier D’argentine

The 411 Atelier Argentine is a relatively new place opening in the old location of DNA. I had heard of it from a friend of mine who had dinner there and saw that they served brunch. He enjoyed the dinner so we decided to try out their brunch and see what it would be like.



Birks Cafe

Birks Café By Europea – A truly refined dining experience

The 411

Fancy, that’s what comes to mind when you think of Birks; that and Bling of course! Now, why would Montreal’s fanciest jeweler show up on a brunch blog? Is it because they gave me loads of free bling? Unfortunately, no. (although if they want to message me, we can talk) Is it because they ditched the whole high end jewelry business model and switched to bacon and eggs? Not that either. It’s because they started offering a weekend brunch in their store. Yes, you heard it correctly, there is a weekend brunch offered inside of Birks on the second floor and not any ordinary brunch; it’s quite the experience. So ladies and gents, make space on your credit card, we’re off to see what Birks brunch has to offer.


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