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Moes Corner Store

moes exterior

The 411 On the corner of Lambert-Closse and De Maisonneuve is a Montreal institution called Corner Snack Bar or Moes. With breakfast options available all day long, this Montreal time sake is dear to many and many wild and crazy nights have ended up here (or rough morning-after’s have been saved by their filling dishes). If you have ever been out drinking at night and need some food to fill you and recover Moe’s is your go to spot. . The staff in this family business gave us a mini history lesson and explanation as to why some people call it Moe’s. Once up a time over 50 years ago the corner snack bar was owned and operated by a man named Moe. He would later sell it to our waitress’ grandmother and now it is run by another family member. People used to call it Moe’s before but since Moe’s is the name of another restaurant in Montreal it was difficult to use that name so they used corner snack bar even though it is still referred to as Moe’s by many. (more…)


Maamm Bolduc

The 411 For some time now I’ve hear about Maamm Bolduc, the buzz about it has been positive, a breakfast spot where you can get your classic breakfast favourites at a decent price, generous portions and with little or no fuss. These spots are a staple feature of the Montreal brunch scene. Not every spot needs to reinvent breakfast; if you do it well for a fair price and make delicious meals then you have a winner. So now it is time to see if M Bolduc comes into this formula.



Chez Nick

Chez Nick – Over 90 years and counting

The 411

chez-nick-exterior-smallFew places in the city have a history to go along with their food but having been around since 1920, Chez Nick has both. This 90 year old institution is the child of a Greek immigrant, Nick Alevisatos, who founded Chez Nicks and over the many years his family has run this institution. Chez Nick is in a spot you would not normally associate with brunch. It is located in Westmount, a mainly residential part of Montreal. I have heard of Chez Nick from various friends and decided that one day after my morning run myself and two friends would check it out and see what this place is all about.



Miami Deli

Miami Deli – 24 hour breakfast here we come.

The 411

miami-deli-montreal-sign-smallSince the closing of Picasso’s there has been a gap in the 24 hour breakfast department. Some places will offer an all-day breakfast option but few do a true 24/7 breakfast – you know the kind that is willing to serve up eggs at 3 A.M after you’ve had a long night of drinking because nothing helps sober you up like late night eggs and sausage. These places are usually inexpensive, quick, and convenient which is usually associated with being “OK” in the food department although at 3 AM you are usually not really that picky. So, when I heard that Miami Deli is one of those places that can fill that late night breakfast necessity, I felt that it needed to be checked out and see how it stacked up. This time, I was fortunate enough to go with a large group of people since we also used the location to have a meeting for a fundraiser my friend was organizing, it’s a fundraiser run to New York for Canadian Athletes in the 2010 Olympics, the event is called Running for Athletes (check it out it’s a good cause).


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