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Top Montreal Classic Brunch 2014

Top Montreal BRunch (the breakfasty kind)

In the final segment of our top montreal brunches we have covered the best new brunch of 2014, best ethnic brunch, best local / organic brunch, best lunchy kind of brunches and now best breakfasty brunches. When we say “breakfasty” we mean brunches that are classic in the sense that their menu will give you pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs… you know those classic dishes you grew up on. Nowadays the trend is to go for dishes that are more lunch than breakfast. Smoked salmon on a bagel will no longer cut it, people want gravlax, halloumi cheese and gluten free bread. This section is in recognition of the classic places that stay true to the the classic brunch dishes and make them stand out.

regine cafe french toast (more…)


Arts Cafe

arts cafe montreal brunch exterior 2

The 411 Over on Fairmount, you will find Arts Café. It’s been there for years. I’ve passed by it many times without ever having the time to try it out. One evening, I was cornered by 2 friends saying that I never went to brunch with them. I felt guilty and scared for my life a little so we decided to do brunch and one of them had heard about Art Café so I figured it was finally time to give it a try.


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