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The 411 St. Jacques Street isn’t known for brunch, at least besides the legendary and now defunct Picasso. There really aren’t any brunch spots in the area; a bunch of motels, yes, but not exactly an abundance of great places to eat. So when I heard that a breakfast spot opened there, my first question was: next to which motel? My second question was: is it yummy? So, it turns out that I have driven by this place a few times, and not because I have been frequenting the various motels in the area. I must have been subconsciously led to it on account of the giant egg sign. What can I say; I get drawn to these places.

At 1st glance When you get there you notice an ample parking lot and, for an area one would not usually associate with lots of traffic, it was actually quite full and even had a line-up. There is seating everywhere and a sea of people. The interior is quite bright and well lit, with large images of fruits which add that dash of colour on a white background. There aren’t too many private booths since they kind of maximized space for capacity. I love how they were creative with the naming of sections in their menu. They somehow manage to work the word egg in each section, like Eggsxalte and Eggsplorateurs, to name a few.

Food The menu covers many breakfast classics and is priced in the $10 area, with many items under and only a few above. Coffee is also included in the orders with free refills, and they have a kids section which is very well priced with the most expensive items being $3.95. The menu has pretty much everything, ranging from waffles, crêpes, French toast, to healthy dishes and Eggs Benedict. To give you a better idea of how the menu breaks down lets take a look at some options and prices:

  • 5 Eggs Benedict $10.25-$11.95
  • 4 Large Portions $7.95-$10.25
  • 3 Breakfast Sandwiches $6.95-$9.25
  • 7 Waffles $7.25- $10.25
  • 11 Omelettes $6.75-$10.95
  • 4 Healthy Dishes $5.75-$11.95
  • 10 Salty Crêpes $7.95-$10.75
  • 6 Sweet Crêpes $7.95-$10.50
  • 4 Specialty Crêpes $10.25-$10.95
  • 3 Cocktails $3,25
  • 6 Smoothies $3.95
  • 2 Yogourt Dishes $2.95
  • 4 Egg Dishes $3.95-$7.75
  • 5 French Toast $7.50-$10.25
  • 5 Kids Menu $2.75-$3.95
  • We started off with a smoothie and chose the Somptueux($3.95) ; this was a banana-heavy smoothie which hit the spot. It had a pronounced banana taste, but in a good way, and if you consider the price, for $3.95 that’s actually a really good deal since other places will usually cost more..

    Next came my friend’s two-eggdish ($5.25) . She had two poached eggs which came with some fruit. Though there were six types of fruit, the plate still seemed kind of bare. I know that the price wasn’t much and it did include coffee, but I just would have liked to see a little more food and less empty plate.

    Lastly came my dish, the Smoked Salmon Benedict ($11.95). This dish came with coffee and free refills, and the plate had fruit and potatoes. The fruit slices were thick and there was a decent amount of potatoes. They also did little things to the fruit to flower up its presentation, like curling the orange peel. Overall, the smoked salmon was fair, the hollandaise sauce did not overtake the dish, and for the price it’s pretty decent considering it came with potatoes and coffee. This dish is not revolutionary but the price is good, and you are full at the end.


    Our service was decent; we didn’t have too much interaction with our waitress since we knew what we wanted. Our coffee refills came rather frequently so we were satisfied on that front.


    The menu is so large and varied that it offers a lot of options that do not contain meat. I didn’t see any vegan options on the menu so maybe you will have to go for some fruit-only options.

    Wrap up

    The area itself is random but it fills up; the ample parking helps, and the large seating area ensures that you will not wait long to get a spot even if it’s full. The prices are very fair and our dishes came with coffee. The menu items are not the fanciest, but if you want a classic breakfast for a reasonable price then this is a place you can add to your list.

    6710 rue Saint Jacques ,
    Montreal Qc,
    H4B 1V8
    (514) 487-3444
    Mon-Sun 6:00 – 15:00


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site NO
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu YES
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$ $10
    Overall 3/5
    Wheelchair Access 3/3

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    9 minutes

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