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Going back to it’s inception in 1963, anyone who ever went to McGill University or lived in the McGill ghetto knows about Place Milton. Walk in the McGill ghetto and ask any student – they will not only point you in the right direction but they may even tell you a few stories on how their morning-after hangover recovery was aided by this place. Place Milton is a local legend in the McGill ghetto; its no nonsense menu and fair prices have brought people into its seats for years.

At 1st glance

As you pass by you will notice it by the two large windows and the fruit, coffee and toast pictures painted at the bottom of the window. Come on the weekends and you are more than likely to see a small lineup (15-20 mins approx). The inside has simple decor and there used to be church pews as seats although I did not see them last time I went but I was assured that they are still there.


The menu has some well priced options with everything pretty much under 10$. There is a fair offering of omelettes and classic egg dishes. Although the true standout is the “Place Milton” special; it is rather filling and really well priced. Basically, for around 8 dollars you get 2 eggs sausage, ham, bacon, potatoes and 2 pancakes. The plate is filling for for the price you can’t go wrong, although the pancakes were not amazing in the taste department, don’t get me wrong they were not bad – they just did not stand out. I also had the french toast but it was not that thick and filling. The potatoes were ok but they used to be better and they used to give you more years ago. I really suggest sticking with the Place Milton – I’ve come here over a dozen times and every time I order something other than the Place Milton and I regret it.


Service is always good – you get free refills, and they come often. The lineup is not too long and the atmosphere is not pretentious


The omellettes offer some vegetarian choice and if you ask them to hold the meat on some of the plates your ok. I did not see any vegan options on the menu though.

Wrap up

There’s nothing fancy about place Milton, nor does it try to give off that image. It is classic with good sized portions – all for a fair price. Now even though over the years the decor has changed; the potatoes are not the same and seem to have a smaller offering. The pates look modern and square. But in all, Place Milton still has that charm that makes it the big man on campus. At its core, it’s your classic breakfast on a student budget. While there may be better places in the area, that does not mean that you should pass up on it.

220, rue Milton ,
Montreal, Qc. H2X 1V6
(514) 285-0011
Mon-Fri 7:00-17:00
Sat-Sun 8:00-17:00

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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards NO
Web Site NO
Debit Card YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$ <$10
Overall 3/5
Wheelchair Access NO 0/3


French Toast

Le Place Milton

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  • Chris says:

    Not impressed. Went today, freezing cold outside, we were 4 people, they looked at us like we had horns coming out of our heads from the moment we stepped in. The restaurant was busy but there were six seats available, the owner told us we could not sit as a group of six might come in and then THEY would have to wait.

    Meanwhile, no one officially greeted us, the waitresses just watched without emotion while we stood there like a bunch of dunces. Finally, once two tables cleared that could seat 4 perfectly (apparently very important at Place Milton), the waitresses took their sweet time clearing them.

    We eventually just left as it was obvious they did not need our business. Might be a good place to go when business is slow, but if its booming, they don’t give a shit about the clients. Nice.

  • George says:

    Can you tell me about what time is open on Friday morning…???

  • JeanBea says:

    My favorite place for breakfast in Montreal !
    I saw the store’s for sale (june 2011), hope it will stay the same in the future.

  • marc says:

    been there dirty and unpleasant never again

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