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Little Italy Brunch Terraces

jean talon market terrace little italyJean Talon market in the summer is one of our favourite weekend destinations. You can get lost in the countless fruit stands, meat and cheese shops, all the while, discovering a variety of new foods that will make you smile and fill your stomach. Sitting in Little Italy, you can explore the surrounding areas finding various cafes and shops all walking distance from the Jean Talon Market.

jean talon market standOver the last few years, more and more brunch spots have been popping up in the area; some of them offering up some great dishes with great décor and with breathtaking terraces. The following list will be focusing on brunch spots within walking distance from the Jean Talon market. We want to give you some suggestions. The places offered up in this list not only have a terrace but have a quality menu to match the backdrop of incredible food in the Jean Talon market.

little italy terrace pastageIf you are looking for a foodie adventure and want a terrace in Little Italy then head to Pastaga (6389 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) where you will be treated by a creative and dynamic menu. The street side terrace allows you to be at the beginning of little Italy and give you a reprieve from the hustle and bustle while still being close enough to join when you are ready. A true foodie’s experience, Pastaga impresses not only in taste but in presentation as well.

salmiogondi terrace fullA new addition to Little Italy, Salmiogondis (6896 Rue Saint Dominique), has been turning heads not only with its breathtaking terrace hidden in the back, but with a menu that is a stand out on its own. With a handful of constantly changing items and a solid drink menu brunch Salmiogondis is an escape to another place. Dishes like the smoked mackerel; crepes and lobster Benedict are a few dishes you will not forget anytime soon.

stellina jean talon market brunch terraceHidden in the Jean Talon market is La Stellina (178, Place du Marché-du-Nord). Its store front terrace allows one to have a meal, soak up the sun and do some people watching as you get their market fresh groceries and the give you the fuel needed to go scour the Jean Talon market for your culinary delights. The dishes are filling and fresh with some of them finding inspiration by including bagels in the dishes.

santa barbara montreal terrace Santa Barbara (6696 Rue de Saint Vallier) may be the furthest distances from the Jean Talon market of the previous 3 although, in reality, it is only a 9 minute walk from there so still a relatively short distance. Its menu is vegetarian friendly and has some creative and delicious dishes (and drinks) on the menu. You cannot go wrong in choosing Santa Barabara and it’s terrace.

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