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Lemeac – Refinement and Style all in one

The 411

lemeac-exterior-smallUp on Laurier, Lemeac is a place that has had some solid chatter among foodies for some time. It’s a French bistro on a part of Montreal that I am in love with; the street and restaurants have an air of refinement and reputation for good food. I have seen Lemeac’s reputation for brunch on various foodie sites and have always been curious about it. How would it be, is it all hype, what will the prices be, will it be worth it? All these questions have been swimming in my head for over a year and this time I decided to take the plunge and explore it. Lemeac had something in store for me.

At 1st glance

When you walk up to Lemeac you can tell it’s a nice place: clean with dark wood, courteous staff who greet you right away and frankly the first thing that came to mind was: “oooh lala fancy.” Actually, to be honest it’s not “giant chandelier and over-sized magnums of champagne” fancy but you can tell that this is the kind of place that is not going to serve you the early bird bacon, eggs and beans dish for under $5. I was impressed that they have ramps for wheelchairs and no stairs so, this was a good start for me. I also noticed a section to hang your coats, a large bar, a closed off terrace which can open up in the summer and even a separate dedicated wheelchair accessible washroom. The inside is well lit and quite spacious. The crowd is primarily middle aged and older, but there were some younger people in their 20’s and 30’s.


The menu is somewhat limited with less than ten full items. Although, you do have a couple more options with adding some sides. The prices are quite elevated with the cheapest plate (half plate of fruit and cheese) stating at $8.50 and the most expensive one (poached egg and caviar) at $15.75. Now, don’t let this deter you, since you should know that this is not your little neighborhood greasy spoon; this is fancy brunch and with that comes with a price tag.

We started our meal with baguette bread and an orange avocado jam which had other fruits in it but sadly I do not remember them. What I do remember is that the taste of that jam was out of this world.

lemeac-omelette-smallAs the main course, we chose an omelette ($13.75) which was full of cheese and herbs and came with a side of salad. The omelette was very thick and the taste was delectable. I was very impressed by how good an omelette could be and I would easily say that it was one of the best omelettes I have ever tried. The one negative would be the fact that it had a salad, albeit an ample amount of salad it was still just salad and I would have preferred a side of potatoes or fruit salad. It’s just that I find salad non-brunchy and you may notice that I often complain about salad sides in my reviews.

lemeac-egg-tartelette-smallNext came an egg tartelette dish ($14.75) whic his comprised of an egg on top of a bed of potatoes, strips of pork (lardon) and a choice of either goat cheese or emmenthal cheese. This was quite an impressive dish with taste and presentation being its strongest components. The cheese, lardon and eggs all work together to perform a ballet in your mouth and show your taste buds something truly amazing. The portion size is limited and the price is rather high but wow, does the taste make every bite taste like a million bucks.

lemeac-eggs-benedict-smallI ordered the poached eggs caviar and smoked salmon dish ($15.75) . At first, when I saw there was caviar, I knew this would not be cheap and it would likely be very fancy and I was right about both. The presentation was spectacular with a nice thick smoked salmon slice wrapping the item and the caviar was generously put all over the dish in the sauce. It was served on two blintz’s (small crepes). This dish was exquisite and you should not pass up the chance to try it. With it’s rich and rather filling portion, I made sure to leave a clean plate at the end.

lemeac-fruits-and-donuts-smallLastly, we shared the full fresh fruit plate with soft white cheese $14.50. This plate had an excellent choice of fruit with passion fruit as well, which is something you do not find often for brunch. The dish also came with two donuts and a couple of little donut holes that were lightly topped with sugar. The soft cheese is hard to describe since it had a consistency similar to a whipped cream except with a little more resistance. This dish or even the half dish is an excellent accompaniment to some of the other smaller dishes for those who have a large appetite.


Although our waitress was polite, she did take an eternity to get my coffee. In fact, I gave up counting after 15 minutes. Only when the rest of my party showed up and she got them water did my coffee arrive. She redeemed herself by doing an excellent job explaining the dishes especially since the menu is a French bistro menu and has items that even my francophone friends didn’t have a clue as to what they were.


Almost half of the menu is vegetarian, although the menu is somewhat limited so you get a handful of choices and two of which are fruit plates of different sizes. The fruit plate itself was quite good and you can order some sides to add onto it if you are hungry. As for vegans, even the fruit plates come with dairy as it is almost impossible to go to a bistro and find a vegan option.

Wrap up

Overall, the food here is amazing, fresh, tasty, well presented and it takes brunch to a whole new level. Although all this amazing food comes with a higher than normal price tag for brunch, if you are in the mood for this kind of experience and you don’t mind paying a few dollars more and getting a slightly smaller portion size than you would at normal eggs and bacon spot, then it well worth it. This place is great for a nice gathering of a small group or even for an intimate 2-person rendezvous.

1045 avenue Laurier Ouest
Outremont Qc H2V 2L1
(514) 270-0999

Sat-Sun 10:00-15:00


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Kid Menu NO
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$$ $15
Overall 4.5/5
Wheelchair Access 3/3

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51,80,365, 368, 535

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11 minutes

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  • […] Lemeac also boasts a wonderful breakfast menu and an after 10pm menu which has some of their classic dishes and a few of their appetizers for 27$. Surprisingly, Lemeac does not have a foie gras poêlé which they would probably have reinvented in a decadent fashion; something for them to think about. The Divas prefer late night dinners more than early morning breakfasts.  Sometimes it is a hassle getting up for brunch but thankfully we have our Sensei who reviews breakfast, since the Divas are usually asleep way past the acceptable time for breakfast.   See Montreal Breakfast Review’s post on Lemeac: https://montrealbreakfastreview.com/lemeac. […]

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