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Le Passé Composé – Grammar was never this yummy

The 411

passe-compose-exterior-950-rue-roy-est-montreal-smallPassé compose has been a name that people have been asking about. It’s a restaurant on Roy street that has some online buzz about being pretty decent. I have been curious about this place and the website did a good job of peaking my curiosity with tasty pictures and interesting menu items posted. In order to satisfy my curiosity and get my brunch fix, a visit to passé compose took place and what I found impressed me.

At 1st glance

Tucked away on Roy a few minutes from St Denis by foot, you will a very refreshing spot, both in look and in taste. You notice at the front an unassuming door, with lots of windows and when inside you see a nicely lit, fresh venue. Even the music is at the perfect volume level where you notice it but it is in the background and you can hear yourself at the same time. There are two rooms; one is more open with a bar at the end and the other on the left has some banquet seats with some tables and a cozier feel to it.


The menu is short yet still able to cover most staple morning dishes. There are less than 20 food items and around dozen sides and drink options. Prices range from $6.95 to $12.75 and on many items you get an option of small or large with a price per size. I find this is a smart idea since most people aren’t always famished when they go out so an option to get a smaller portion for a lower price makes sense. The menu items do lack one breakfast item which is: WAFFLES. Although, they would not be the only spot to do this since it tends to be the first casualty on a morning menu if cuts have to be made.

The menu items themselves can be broken down into various groups such as;

  • Omlettes: choice of 4 from $9.95-$11.25
  • Eggs Benedict: choice of 4 from $8.25 9 (1 egg) to $12.95 (2 eggs)
  • Varied egg dishes: choice of 4 from $6.95-$9.95
  • Crepe dishes: with choice of 2 at $9.95
  • Health dish: 1 option at $9.95
  • Sandwich: 1 option $10.50
  • passe-compose-eggs-benedict-provencale-smallMy friend started off with Eggs Benedict Provençale ($8.75) which was a single eggs Benedict (two eggs benedict for $12.75). This dish comprised of poached eggs, fresh tomatoes, bacon and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. My friend had the bacon on the side. The dish also came with a rather generous side of varied fruit. “Spring-like” is a word to describe this dish as it was light and fresh. The tomatoes were not too overpowering and the hollandaise sauce as well was not a heavy topping but much lighter while still being flavourful. I was concerned that tomatoes on this dish would have been too heavy and loaded up with acidity but this was so light and refreshing that it was actually a taste so wonderfully unique and refreshing for an eggs benedict that I will be ordering this the next time I go.

    passe-compose-french-toat-smallThe French toast ($8.75) came with two thick slices of French toast and a generous side of fruit similar to the eggs benedict side. The French toast slices were quite thick which was nice to see and taste, not to mention they were topped with sugar. As a personal preference, I am not a fan of sugar on top of French toast but this one was not too overpowering so that was quite nice. The French toast tasted the way French toast is supposed to be and not the way those skimpy little slices taste at other places. The difference is in the bread: use a good bread and you get a superior French toast and this is what Passé composé did here and it was a joy to eat./p>

    passe-compose-eggs-benedict-smallLastly came my dish the eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and basil ($12.95). This dish had two poached eggs on top of English muffins, smoked salmon, basil and hollandaise sauce along with a side of varied fruit as well. Much like the Provencal dish, the hollandaise was not too thick and was nice and light without being watered down thus, sacrificing taste. This hollandaise is quite different from what I am used to with even the colour not as yellow as most sauces. I was very impressed with this dish and do suggest it to others in the mood for a good smoked salmon eggs benedict.


    The service was decent, our waitress was good at explaining the options and did frequently refill our coffee. The bills came quickly as well, so no complaints here


    The majority of the dishes do not have meat and there is only 1 health item. Most dishes seem rather healthy but if you are looking for your cottage cheese fix then your only option is the meli melo ($9.95). As for vegans: better luck next time, this place does not really give vegan options.

    Wrap up

    I was very impressed with this place. The attention to detail regarding the food is amazing, the dishes were fresh and tasty, the prices were decent. Some dishes could have been a dollar less, but I’m just being cheap. The coffee was quite amazing and the décor is relaxing. I suggest that you add this to your place to check out but do not expect your classic, eggs and bacon place. Prepare yourself for some more refinement but rest assured that they do have most of the staple morning dishes.

    950 rue Roy Est
    Montreal Qc H2L 1E8
    (514) 524-6663

    Tuesday-Sunday 8:30am – 3:00pm


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$ $10-$12
    Overall 4/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

    Parking Meter & Street



    14,25,24, 147,361,427

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