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Le Hangar – Wellington discovery

The 411

Just recently I had the good fortune of having a twitter conversation with another blogger regarding brunch and so the natural thing to do when chatting with foodie bloggers is to meet over brunch and share experiences. If you haven’t read the works of Miss Courey, she is what can best be described as a food, relationship, and Montreal blogger. Her site is now moving up on my list of local blog reads and you should check it out. The challenge with doing brunch with a foodie blogger is finding a spot that both parties will like and that no one has been to before. I have found that the more I blog, the harder that becomes and to be honest not every place I go to is amazing. I ended up picking a spot I had heard some buzz about and was a recent addition to my list of places to go see. Normally, I’m backed up with places but Le Hangar got a bump since I needed somewhere new with a good reputation.

At 1st glance

Le Hangar is not in an area you would expect to find lots of restaurants. In fact, the whole Wellington street area is not traditionally associated with loads of restos. The outside is kind of straightforward with lots of brick, some glass and metal. Inside you will see a wide open venue with wood beams, tall ceilings, an open kitchen and two dining areas. The crowd was a mix of late 20’s to late 30’s along with some older clientèle. We saw some baby showers and some groups and although reservations were not required, they are recommended and will likely make your life easier.


The menu is a one-pager with some varied options. They have many egg choices and even the ever elusive steak and eggs. You will not find too many sweet items like pancakes or waffles as the menu is more on the salty side. Price range is anywhere from $9-$12 on average and coffee is not included. Also, they do not have drip coffee so keep that in mind. The menu breakdown is as follows

  • Chocolatine dish: $8
  • Smoked bacon with maple: $4
  • Hangar classic: $12
  • Fruit cup: $7 (half)/ $12 (full)
  • Mushroom and truffle omelette: $14
  • Baguette bread and jam: 5$
  • Rillettes and sausage: $9
  • Bread pudding with blueberrues and chocolate: $11
  • Quiche: $14
  • Grilled sausage: $6
  • Cheese selection (30gr): $6
  • Steak & Egg: $17
  • Tartine breakfast: $15
  • Plain yogourt and müesli: $9
  • Egg any style: $2
  • Eggs Benedict: $14
  • We started with a half fruit cup ($7) as an entrée which also came with two pieces of bread that were similar to corn bread but slightly different. The bread also had a nice cream next to it which worked well for dipping. The fruit selection was average with most of the normal fruit you would find anywhere. I would have preferred to have them thrown in some more exotic fruit. At this point, I should also note that the napkin between the fruit plate and the main plate was a pain.

    The eggs Benedict ($14) normally comes as either speck or smoked trout. The waiter suggested we have one of each which made sampling twice as good. The dish was paired with arugala salad and potatoes. I enjoyed the eggs Benedict and the smoked trout was similar to smoked salmon which, as some of you may know, I am a huge fan of. The eggs were good and the sauce not too overpowering nor too understated. I was not a fan of the arugala and small portion of potatoes. I would have liked to see some more fruit on the plate in place of the salad. I still feel that this dish could have been made better.

    The classic Hangar ($12), came served as two eggs, potatoes, bacon, ham and this time: a side of fruit. The meat selection was generous and if you are a meat lover you will be impressed by the tasty and varied selection. The meat has a kind of smoked honey glaze which you do not find often, so I really enjoyed that. There was also baguette bread on the side which was helpful for mopping up the egg yolk. Despite this dish being simple, I enjoyed it.


    Our service was decent and the suggestion of the two kinds of eggs Benedict on a plate was much appreciated. We weren’t rushed out so that was nice.


    There are some vegetarian option they are a tad limited since the menu is kind of meat-centric.

    Wrap up

    Overall I was pleased with the food. They should have drip coffee included and some more varied fruit. The taste and presentation were adequate but as well the décor is great for a fancier event. I like the fact they take reservations. I still feel that they can improve their menu and come up some some new brunch ideas that will add to the dining experience

    1011 Wellington
    Montreal Qc,
    H3C 1V3
    (514) 878-2112
    Sun 10:00-15:00


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee NO
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$$ $15
    Overall 3.5/5
    Wheelchair Access 1/3

    Parking Meter




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    5 minutes

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