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L’arrivage – More than just a great view

The 411

High up on top of the Pointe à Callière Museum overlooking the port, is L’arrivage. This impressive little restaurant offers an interesting and inspiring weekend brunch. With its polished look, ample service staff and a menu with great attention to detail, one would expect to break the bank when it comes time to pay. However, the prices aren’t that crazy (a little more than normal) but you will see by what we ate that it is quite impressive. Reservations are strongly recommended since we saw a lineup outside.

At 1st glance

With a view overlooking the port, this is an ideal spot for a date or family/group event. We saw people in their 40s and over as well as some families with kids; not your usual plateau/downtown crowd. That doesn’t mean you can’t go because you’re young; as long as you bring your appetite you should be good to go. I was told that in the summer, they open up the doors and people can eat on the balcony. There is also an extra bonus of going to the museum after your brunch to make it an extra fun day. I can see this place being really great in the summer with locals and tourists although, I still see this as a hidden gem as it didn’t show up on my radar for quite some time. Oh yeah, did I mention that it is fully wheelchair accessible? This is a nice bonus ensuring that no one is excluded.


The menu has a bunch of items, some of which are more lunch than brunch but you can safely expect a good dozen brunch items with a twist. The menu is broken down into 2 sections: an à la carte section and a main menu with choice of entrée, a main dish and a dessert. Prices for the main menu will run you anywhere from $13-$19, while the à la carte is anywhere from $8-$16. The menu also includes coffee with free refills so when you add this up, the main menu can offer you some value especially considering some places downtown will charge 12$ for an eggs Benedict dish and $2 for coffee without an entrée or a dessert. The menu is as follows:

Entrée soup or salad (included with one of the egg creations)

  • Omelette: $13.50
  • Eggs benedict: $15.50
  • Fish of the day: $18
  • Chefs choice: $18
  • Blintzes and smoked salmon: $16
  • Egg casserole: $15.50
  • Blood pudding crepe: $15.50
  • Roasted beef flank: $19.00
  • A la carte

  • Gargantua: $16.50
  • French toast: $12.50
  • Salad: $11.50
  • Sandwich: $8.50
  • We were a couple people that day so we were able to sample some varied options. From the get go, the Gargantua ($16.50) caught my eye and nothing else on the menu could draw me away, even the fact that the à la carte did not have any included entrée or dessert (and I like a good value). The Gargantua is basically a sampling of their menu on your plate and although, the name suggest that it is gargantuan, I’ve seen larger. That being said, I have rarely had anything as tasty done under the banner of the “hungry man platter.” Usually these big dishes tend to be greasy and sloppy with just all quantity and very little quality. The dish consists of Eggs Benedict, French toast, yogourt, fruit, cheese, blood pudding crepe, and potatoes. The French toast and eggs Benedict were excellent; they were 1 of each and scored full points in the taste department. In particular, the French toast was made of a different kind of bread. I was told it was a brioche bread although, it tasted closer to a croissant. Needless to say, I became an instant fan. The blood pudding crepe was quite unique and being a fan of blood pudding, I was quite pleased. The potatoes were OK; nothing amazing. The cheese was a nice touch and the yogourt was in a small glass container with fruit and crumble on top. The presentation was A-one and the taste matched it as well. The dish also came with coffee and refills. Putting this altogether, even with the price being a bit high, I was quite pleased.

    My friends ordered the main dish which came with an entrée and dessert. Both went for the soup of the day which was endive with fennel. It was quite tasty and different considering endive soup is not something one is used to. I am generally not a huge fan of fennel but it worked because the taste wasn’t too pronounced. One friend started up with the blintzes and smoked salmon ($16) that also came with endives and was very tasty. Each bite popped in your mouth with bursts of deliciousness. There were other vegetables in the mix and the sauce on the side was a tasty touch.

    My other friend had the eggs Benedict ($15.50) which came with ham (the gargantuan had a vegetarian one). The poached eggs were nicely done and the sauce was nice and thick. The potatoes were in a nice pot with some garnish and vegetables. The dish was enjoyable although, I preferred the Gargantua and the Blintzes. Finally, the dessert came around and although I did not have any included in my meal, my friends were nice enough to share it. The dessert was kind of funny. If you look at it, you will think it’s a middle finger or something else…wink, wink. It was a chocolaty mouse, a crumble top with fruit and ice cream. There was also this white thing in the middle that wasn’t marzipan but something I do not know. It was nice and quite the conversation piece.


    Our initial waiter was “interesting” as he had a little bit of an attitude with my friends but, he seemed to like me. We later got a main waiter who was very good and checked up on us very frequently. I do have a bone to pick with one of the waiters who brought the coffee. While bringing the cups, he spilt some on the side of my friends cup and dirtied the outside. Now, I saw this and he didn’t know it. I would have preferred him to get a new clean cup. It’s not a big thing but the place has a certain air of professionalism and emphasis on service so I felt it needed to be mentioned. That being said, the rest of our service was excellent.


    The menu has some vegetarian items so you are safe if you are a vegetarian. If you are a vegan or looking for one of those mega healthy fruit and cream cheese dishes, you are out of luck. The menu is carefully tailored and it is a little more lunch than a classic brunch.

    Wrap up

    I enjoyed this place and I think it is great for a date, or special occasion. I like the fact you can make reservations and I loved the view. The restaurant gets great light from its large windows. There is value to be had in the menu if you like the dishes mentioned above but don’t expect bacon and eggs dishes you would normally find in a diner; this is more refined and although , not for everyone, I think my readers will enjoy it. So, if you are in the mood to check it out, remember to make reservations.

    350 Place Royale
    Montreal Qc,
    H2Y 2C9
    (514) 842-9128
    Sat-Sun 11:30-16:00


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$$ $15
    Overall 4/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

    Parking Meter & Street




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    Place D’armes

    8 minutes

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    • Thyda says:

      Last month our family booked a Saturday afternoon brunch at the L’Arrivage based on this website’s recommendation. It was supposed to be a civil ceremony celebration. We all had much anticipated the experience. As you mentioned above, the restaurant has a air of professionalism…but let me warn you…do not be deceived by it’s appearance.
      Boy! Were we all in for a surprise! It started off fine in the beginning, the manager congratulated the couple and the waiters all smiled at us. But 15 minutes after placing our order, my brother asked for a refill of his water. Now instead of getting a response like: “Yes sir, right away, sir” or “It won’t be long” we got: “We are doing the best be can.” We didn’t ask how he was doing, we just wanted some water.
      Yes, staffs looked overwhelmed because there were no hostesses to help them out. Somebody should have had the brains to put extra staffs when you have a group of 20 booked on a nice, sunny afternoon.
      Back to the service…I turned around to the other table and I hear that my niece is upset and I asked what happened. She tells me that she has asked for coffee three times and he never brought it to her and that he completely ignored their demand for more water. Instead, the waiter was hiding behind the service corner checking his phone. When I confronted him he starts to babble: “Look you’re a big group, we are doing our best….yeah, yeah, you’re the customer, the customer is always right, I don’t know anything…I am just a waiter…you’re right, you guys are the best, you guys know everything….” What the f&*k kind of waiter is this? For a restaurant situated in a Museum, the service is abominable, the waiters were all snobby, arrogant and rude! If that waiter hated waiting on people then he should change his job!
      Not only was he rude and sarcastic to us, but that waiter actually went up to his manager to complain about us. He pointed his finger at us and gave us a look of disgust when all we wanted was some waiter service and nothing more.
      My husband then asked him to send his manager over. The manager simply avoided us, pretending to go about his business whilst staying clear of our group. Message to the owner: Hire a new manager with some balls! Then we asked another waiter for the manager again and he replies that the manager is not working right now. Obviously, a restaurant where no one even knows who the manager is is certainly doom to fail.
      My only highlight is the food. Whatever they are doing behind the scene they are doing it right. But warning to all hungry, curious foodies…steer clear of this restaurant unless you want to be slapped in the face by the waiter and left to feel like a pain in but for asking for some water. To the administers…find a manager who has a brain and some guts and get rid of that waiter because he will ruin your name.
      That afternoon was suppose to be a celebration but it turned out to be the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant.

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