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Delta Tour De Ville

Delta Tour De Ville – Brunch with a 360 degree view

The 411All-you-can-eat Brunch Buffets, those few words can bring joy and pain to different people. Joy, because it’s all you can eat as much as you want, and you get value on food; pain because the quality of the food can take a back seat depending where you go. Delta’s has been offering brunch for as long as I can remember but I never had a chance to try it out since I generally needed a reason to go to an all you can eat brunch on account of the price being more than a normal brunch at a regular restaurant.

At 1st glance

Brunch at the Delta is famous for its rotating restaurant overlooking the city. And no, that’s not a typo, the restaurant actually rotates. Imagine if you would, a cylinder with windows along the entire floor, a portion on the inner ring that does not move





and the outer portion that rotates slowly. You can sit at a banquette or at a table. We opted for the banquette which was elevated and had a better view of the city. The rotation of the restaurant is kind of cool and isn’t too fast, although you do need to remember where you are seated since the spot you were at before will inevitably move. Don’t worry, you get used to it after a while. One other important thing to know is that reservations are strongly suggested. When we got there we saw some people without reservations and they had to wait a while for a group to finish up early and they did not have a guarantee that it would happen. Lots of families like going here and I saw plenty of strollers and small children as well as extended families.


There is an ample selection of food here. In fact, as buffets go this was one of the more generous ones I have been to and the price of $36.95 is the going rate for a decent hotel style buffet. They had table after table of selection: you had veggies, fruits, seafood, meats, soups, salads, pasta, sushi, omelet , eggs Benedict, pancakes, waffles, beans desserts, sausage, bacon, potatoes, breads, croissants, chocolatines, and much more.


With so much selection it’s hard to pick a spot to start so we tried to go based on stations and try to get as much varied food as possible. The first dish had a seafood theme to it with sushi, smoked salmon, a quid mix, this gelatinous cold mix and a kind of pita wrapped veggie and fish item. The salmon smoked salmon was very good the sushi was pretty decent as well, I would not compare it to the same kind of sushi you get at a traditional high end sushi place nor is it like an all you can eat sushi place, it was somewhere in the middle but impressive nonetheless for a buffet. The wrapped fish and veggies was ok, although the gelatinous dish was cold and not too impressive, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to enjoy a dish like this since I have had it at other places and I just am not a fan so I have some bias on it, feel free to judge for yourself.

Not yet having exhausted all the fish section I went back for some more sushi and smoked salmon but this time added some mushrooms, halved potatoes stuffed with a cream and a kind of cold fish salad. The mushrooms were decent and had a creamy covering; the potatoes were nice the stuffing was interesting; the cold fish salad was quite nice and refreshing and it was also nice to have a small portion since more of it would have been too much of a taste overload.


Having finished the fish dish we went for a little more of a breakfasty fare. We had chocolatines, pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and some veggies. The scrambled eggs were excellent and the pancakes were good to see as an option. The smoked salmon made a return again so you could tell it was a hit.


The other breakfast inspired plates had eggs Benedict, pancakes, bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs as well. The eggs benedict was a ham benedict and was very impressive for a buffet eggs benedict since they tend to disappoint and are dry and tasteless but this one was not and as of now is the best buffet benedict I have ever had. I had the other scrambled eggs with vegetables which I felt was a good idea yet it still tasted like scrambled eggs. The bacon was ok, not too dry but there was loads of it to choose from, the sausage was tasty and made for a nice all around breakfast dish. I also got some beans on the side in a bowl to really give it that traditional breakfast dish.

Lastly, for dessert was the waffles covered in chocolate, and some fruit. This was a nice way to get some natural sweetness by having lychee and pineapple as well as the always-awesome sweetness of chocolate. So, in theory you can feel less guilty about having that chocolate covered waffles by putting some fruit on the side. Even though I realize my logic is flawed on this, I will stick by it.


Our interaction with the service was more from a coffee getting refilled and plates getting cleared, since it was a buffet where you got your own food. The staff was prompt and polite and the atmosphere was professional.


Vegetarians and vegans rejoice! You now have choice and lots of it. There’s tons of vegetarian dishes, and for every kind of vegetarian from strict, to pesco vegetarian and even to vegans. They have soy beverage at the cereal station, loads of fruits, lots of veggies and you can keep going back to your hearts content.

Wrap up

As buffets go, this is one of the good ones! Besides the stellar view you get lots of selection. The dishes are vegetarian and vegan friendly which is a nice touch and the offering has lots of traditional breakfast items as well as some lunch ones. The price is pretty much what you would get anywhere else. Do keep in mind reservations are strongly considered.

777 Rue University
Montreal Qc,
H3C 3Z7
(514) 879-4777
Sat-Sun 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
or 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
Credit Cards YES
Web Site YES
Debit Card YES
Kid Menu NO
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$$-$$$$ $36.95
Overall 3.5/5
Wheelchair Access 3/3

Parking Meter & Street




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Square Victoria

4 minutes

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