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Brasserie Central

centrale westmount interior The 411 Westmount is not known for many places to eat, let alone have brunch. I think one of the main reasons is that there is really a few small sections that are not residential areas. Interestingly, Brasserie Central took over a previous spot we reviewed a while ago so we were familiar with the area. (more…)



park exterior

The 411 Sometimes plans change: you have a place you want to go for brunch and something happens and you can’t go, leaving you to scramble to find something close by. Well this happened one Saturday. Our plans to do brunch in Westmount were derailed and with a time constraint as well as having to stay in the area, I was getting depressed. Then my friend told me that Park restaurant on Victoria avenue actually served brunch. If you don’t know Park restaurant, it’s becoming one of the most talked about restaurants in the city. Chef Antonio Park serves up a combination of Korean and Japanese inspired dishes with an emphasis on organic and sustainably farmed ingredients. I always kind of wished that they did brunch then my friend told me she just found out they did and we ran over.



Chez Nick

Chez Nick – Over 90 years and counting

The 411

chez-nick-exterior-smallFew places in the city have a history to go along with their food but having been around since 1920, Chez Nick has both. This 90 year old institution is the child of a Greek immigrant, Nick Alevisatos, who founded Chez Nicks and over the many years his family has run this institution. Chez Nick is in a spot you would not normally associate with brunch. It is located in Westmount, a mainly residential part of Montreal. I have heard of Chez Nick from various friends and decided that one day after my morning run myself and two friends would check it out and see what this place is all about.


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