cabane a sucre pied de cochon maple 2014 menu - MONTREAL Brunch and Breakfast
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cabane a sucre pied de cochon maple 2014 menu

Ok hungry people before we post our review of the Pied de Cochon cabane a sucre for 2014. Here is the menu or as close to the menu as we could get. This list has been comprised with our notes and 5 other people who were there,so we may be off on some ingredients but we tried to keep it as detailed as possible. We also included some pics of these great dishes. As some of you may know the Pied de Cochon Cabane is up in St-Benoît de Mirabel, at 11382 Rang de la Fresnière. You need reservations to go here and the booking window closed last December. Price is $62 for the meal itself, it does not include tax, tip, drinks or extra. They accept, cash, credit and debit. So here is a breakdown to satisfy your curiosity.


Drink choices of cocktails (mojito, daquiri, Manhattan, alcoholic coffee), mimosa, wine and beer
Sushi inspired terrine of layered avocado with salmon tartare beet puree and egg
Foie gras bread/soufflé with pork rinds
Omelette soufflé topped with garlic potatoes and chorizo and tripe inside
Sturgeon Quenelle
Smoked Ham
Sweet potatoes topped with marshmallow
Squid ink pasta with blood sausage
Duck breast stuffed with innards
Mocha mousse cake
Frozen yogourt ice cream
Maple Syrup aka Tyre
Banana cream pie with meringue

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  • Dahlia says:

    This year’s PDC gastronomical extravaganza was amazing!

    I loved how they set the duck on fire! Dinner and a show 😉

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