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Hochelaga Maisonneuve, or HOMA for short, is an interesting part of Montreal. Historically a working class neighborhood, it has recently started gentrifying. You will notice new condos popping up and many more cafes and restaurants that are not your usual greasy spoon. Although, HOMA manages to keep some of its working class flavour in its restaurants in the sense that you tend to get larger plates with decent value for what you pay. This is very welcome in a city where the $20 brunch is not that uncommon.

Bagatelle is a tiny little spot. When you walk in, you think it’s larger than its 50-person capacity but then you realize there is a mirror on the right hand side making the room look larger. To be honest, that mirror adds some depth and size to the place and looks good. Normally, I find mirrors tacky but it works here. There is a larger well-lit area up front whereas the rest of the restaurant is not as well lit. The décor is not incredible but the food makes up for it. The place is wheelchair accessible as is the washroom; although, it is a tight fit since the place itself is small.

bagatelle brunch crepeFood The menu at Bagatelle is of a decent size and has the distinction of having raclettes on the menu which are not always found in most brunch menus in Montreal. Although, for some reason in Hochelaga Maisonneuve, this item tends to show up often. The menu items will be in the $12 range and some items will be a few dollars more while others a few less. Coffee is included and refills are free. There’s a kids menu and an ample supply of booster seats but keep in mind that the place itself is tight so don’t plan on bringing in that giant stroller and have an easy time putting it somewhere. The menu has a larger amount of items but eggs Benedict and waffles are missing from it. The menu is as follows:

  • 8 Eggs: $6.25-$10
  • 3 Kids menu items: $4.25-$5.25
  • 7 Fruit salad and granola: $3-$11.25
  • 7 Baguette dishes: $4.50-$8.75
  • 2 Croque monsieurs: $10.75-$11.25
  • 3 Croisant/bagel dishes: $5.50-$10.75
  • 2 Bagel dishes: $4.95-$14.25
  • 8 Fritatas:$10.75-$14.50
  • 6 crepes: $10.50-$15.50
  • 3 French toast: $10.75-$15.75
  • 2 Racllettes: $12.95- $15.95
  • 2 brunch specials: $16.25-$18.75
  • To start, we had a small smoothie ($2.50). Initially, I was shocked by how small it was – even, my coffee cup was larger than this smoothie, and as soon I had a sip, I wished I had a larger glass. The taste is in no way shape or form, small. This smoothie was thick and had a fruity flavour. Every sip of this smoothie made my taste buds blissfully happy.

    bagatelle brunch

    The raclette ($12.95) came with a spinach and eggs dish loaded with cheesy goodness, a side of potatoes, tomatoes and onions along with a choice of bread and fruit. The fruit was quite varied with many different types which is always nice to see on a plate as opposed to the same boring ones that places use. The eggs and spinach was tasty and the spinach worked very well with the eggs and cheese.

    bagatelle brunch omelette

    The frittata ($12.50) came with a choice of bread, salad and potatoes. The plate was quite full, the frittata was filling and the salad had a nice simple dressing as well. Even though, I am not always a fan of salads on a plate, it worked well with the dish.

    bagatelle brunch eggs

    The Brie dish ($8.75) may seem simple with an egg, fruit, choice of bread and potatoes but the fact that it comes with brie cheese adds a little sophistication to this simple dish and with a pretty good price point (remember coffee is included as well). You get an amazing value dish and a little bit of fancy that other places would have charged more for.

    Service The staff here is quite personable. They were helpful with suggestions and didn’t rush us out the door even when we were chilling after out meal.

    Vegetarian With a menu this long you can be rest assured that you will have loads of brunch options that are vegetarian friendly so you should not be worried because the choice is plentiful.

    Wrap up Overall, this is a great bang for your buck spot. The dishes are tasty and filling and you can have a wonderful meal and not feel like you paid too much. Your plate will always be full as will your stomach. On the negative side, the menu lacks eggs Benedicts and waffles which would be nice to see and considering how large the menu is it wouldn’t be that hard to add a few of these options.

    4323 Rue Ontario Est
    Montreal, Qc
    H1V 1K5
    (514) 254-3838
    Mon- Sun 8h-14:30h


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee YES
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu YES
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $$-$$$ $10-$12
    Overall 3.5/5
    Wheelchair Access 1/3

    Parking Meter & Street



    125, 350, 61, 107

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