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Fire on the East Side (TO)

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The 411

On a recent trip to Toronto, two friends took me to one of their favorite brunch places. Now, my last time in Toronto had me searching for a brunch place with no success so I was so happy that someone had done the searching for me this time.

At 1st glance

Fire on the east side is nestled in a nice little area of Toronto with some parking space in the neighborhood. You will notice it by it’s fair sized terrace and when you walk in, you are drawn to its large bar and a well-spaced seating setup, blue-green walls and its funky iron Jesus art statue on the wall. The place also doubles as a club on the evening and although you do have to use the club washrooms and walk a distance when you get there you will be shocked to find how clean and spacious
they are. (more…)

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