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Plateau and Mile End Brunch Locations

Places to eat Brunch in the Plateau and Mile end

The following is a map of brunch and breakfast places you can find in the Plateau and Mile End. I defined this area by the political riding from the city of Montreal. The southern most point is Sherbrooke, the west sides are University and Hutchison (once you’re north of Pine) with Iberville on the east end and Bernard at the northern tip. I have also included the McGill ghetto since it is rather close by and small.

The Plateau/Mile End offers many good and well priced options. Two of the main areas of concentration are Mount Royal and Bernard street. In some instances you can walk 10 feet in any direction and find a place to eat brunch. So take a look and see what you feel like. Also, if you feel I missed some places please feel free to comment by posting a reply.

Some of my favourite places you may want to check out from this list are as follows: L’avenue, Pistou Déjeuner , Raviolution , Cafe Souvenir , Byblos

Here is a list of already reviewed places that you can check out:

Senzala (177 Bernard W.)
L’avenue (922, avenue du Mont-Royal Est)
Toi Moi Cafe (244, avenue Laurier Ouest)
Pistou Déjeuner (4489, rue de la Roché)
La Croissanterie Figaro (5200, rue Hutchison)
Raviolution (3979, Saint-Denis)
Caffe Della Posta (361 rue Bernard Ouest)
Les Folies (701, avenue du Mont-Royal Est)
Beauty’s (93, avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest)
Aux Vivres (4631 St–Laurent)
Byblos (1499 avenue Laurier Est)
Cafe Souvenir (1261, avenue Bernard)
Reservoir (9 DuLuth Est.)
Les Enfants Terrible (1257, avenue Bernard)
Dusty’s (4510, avenue du parc)
Place Milton (220, rue Milton)
Cafe Art Java (837 Avenue Du Mont-Royal Est)
Mosaik (5201 boul. St-Laurent)
Le Petit Italien (1265, ave. Bernard)
Bistrot La Fabrique ( 3609 St-Denis)
Cafe Les Entretiens (1577 Avenue Laurier)
Le Vieux St Laurent (3993 boulevard Saint-Laurent)
Bistro Lakloche (5637 avenue Du Parc)
The Sparrow (5322 Boulevard Saint-Laurent)
Moulerie (1249 avenue Bernard)
Laika (4040 boulevard St-Laurent)
La Cantine (212 avenue Mont-Royal est)
Chez Jose (173 Duluth Est)
Rumi (5198 rue Hutchison)
Lemeac (1045 avenue Laurier Ouest)
l’evidence (3619 Rue Saint-Denis)
Cafe Cherrier (3635 Rue Saint-Denis)
Passe Compose ( 950 rue Roy Est)
Chez Levesque (1030 Laurier O)
L’assommoir (112 Bernard Ouest)
Bond Lounger Grill (101 Fairmount av O)
Chien Fumant (4710 rue De Lanaudière)
Kaza Maza (4629 du Parc)

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  • Denis says:


    Fabergé (25, Fairmount Ouest) is missing on the map.


  • Elvira Banados says:

    There is a new one. very nice. les influences (1201 van horne)

  • Diane says:

    Restaurant La Raclette started their brunch service last weekend. It was very busy on their first Sunday, Mother’s day. They are offering a classy brunch experience. You can bring your own sparkling wine/champagne for your Mimosa. A very convenient for any celebrations.

  • Peter says:

    Please add Engauffrez-Vous – an amazing tiny waffle place at 8 Rachel Est.

  • Sandra says:

    Chez Claudette has amazing breakfast 24 hours! On Laurier near st Denis. Check it out!

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