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Orange Café

As sweet as its name

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One of the better known brunch places in the West End, Orange Cafe has made a name for itself not only in NDG but across the city. Now having heard many good reviews of this place I had never actually been so you can imagine my excitement when two of my friend suggested that we go
there. What came after was quite the culinary experience.

At 1st glance

Once you walk up to Orange Cafe you wonder what is so special about this place since the front is not that assuming nor is the area in general. The inside is a simple setup of banquet seats and some tables, nothing fancy, although they do have wheelchair access which is a nice touch.


Of all the places I have been to I actually think I like their menu setup the most. They offer a lot of choice where its needed and keep other things simple and interchangeable while at the same time not making their menu a novel. For example, there are 15 (yes, 15) choices of omelettes ($6.50-$10.50) with more than enough options for the pickiest of people. The pancake, waffles and french toast ($9.95-$12.95) all have the same topping options which highlights the fact that toppings on these are not often interchangeable, so why have an extra page of options when one section is more than enough. To begin with, the smoothies ($5.95) here are amazing. I had the mango orange and it was incredibly thick and passing the straw test with its eyes closed, as well there is a peanut butter and banana smoothie that although I did not have my friend did and said it was unlike anything she ever tried. The fruit juice ($4.95) has mix options of more than 1 flavor and is freshly squeezed. The warm apple French toast ($8.95) was thick and came with 3 slices the taste was knock out and the price for 3 slices was a deal, I should also note you can get raisin or challah bread for an extra dollar. The Banana Pancakes ($8.95) also came as 3 pieces and were thick and tasty, although the warm apple stood out. We also has a roast beef burger which works quite well and was really delicious which I was quite surprised with. They also have a kids menu for children under 10 the prices are 4.59-5.95, I was unable to order from that menu on account of being over 10 years old but I’m sure it would be good.


The staff was quite nice and informative although we did have to while for our food. Apparently, the service is a touch on the slow side which is not the end of the world as long as you have a drink and good company.


There were some vegetarian option. In fact, most dishes did not seem to be loaded with meat and with 15 choices of omelettes you will have a wide variety of options

Wrap up

You should make sure to check out Orange Cafe – the portions are generous, the options plentiful and price are fair not to mention the smoothies are out of this world. As well, the fact they have wheelchair access is a big plus in my books. The only thing is that there can be a bit of lineup so showing up earlier rather than later may be a good idea although you will likely only wait 5-15 minutes depending on the size of your group.

4011, boulevard Décarie
Montréal, QC H4A 3J8
(514) 487-5455

Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.
Saturday – Sunday 7:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.


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Bottomless Cup Of Coffee Yes
Credit Cards YES
Web Site

Debit Card YES
Vegetarian Friendly YES

Price $$$ <$15
Overall 4/5
Wheelchair Access 2/3

Warm Apple French Toast ($8.95)

Banana Pancake ($8.95)

Roast Beef




  • Eric says:

    That last pic makes it look like a car garage that’s been converted into a breakfast place…

  • Great review! This is one of my favourite breakfast spots in Montreal, and I just put up a review at my own site, in case you’re interested in comparing notes. I always forget to bring my camera to get a photo of the Monte Cristo, though! 😀

  • csqb12 says:

    what are the hours????

    • admin says:

      Good question looks like this post is before I started putting times on it. Give me 24 hours and I should have an answer for you.

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delay I had to actually walk over and ask them. I updated the post

      Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.
      Saturday – Sunday 7:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m

  • MJ says:

    My fellow and I find ourselves at this wonderful brunch spot at least once every two weeks. Yes, the wait can be a bit long, but the delicious & well-priced food is certainly worth it!

  • Ben says:

    I went over to Orange Cafe after googling “montreal brunch ndg” and found this website. I, too, was looking forward to the meal after reading about it here. Unfortunately, we found the service to be quite unsatisfactory; I think we just had a particularly apathetic server, but it did make our meal not very enjoyable.

    The food we found quite good. My only complaint, which is small, is that they’re breakfast potatoes are deep fried and are a little heavy for my liking.

    We went on a Sunday around noon, and the place fills up. Considering the scarcity of brunch places in NDG, the earlier you can go, the better.

  • Jane says:

    The food is quite good and you will get your money’s worth, but make sure to ask the waiter/waitress for separate bills early on or else they will put everyone’s orders on one. It is not quite wheelchair accessible because there is one step up (about six inches tall) to get in. The bathroom sign has a wheelchair sign posted next to it but the entrance to the small hallway leading to the bathrooms had a few small boxes that looked like they could be moved easily. I didn’t actually check to make sure the bathroom is accessible though. A manual wheelchair can navigate the restaurant with some small shuffling of chairs. They do set up a small terasse with about 7 or 8 tables outside during the summer. Overall pretty good. Some waiters/waitresses seem warmer than others but the manager or owner guy was quite nice.

  • […] jam omelet many years ago on a visit to Montreal. It stood out for me on the brunch menu at Orange Café in the NDG area of my hometown. I rarely use this adjective when describing food, but I have to say […]

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