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Best Montreal Brunch of 2013

So, 2013 is well behind us and it has been an interesting ride. We saw some places close down, some new ones open up and the big question still remains: where is the best place to have brunch? Brunch for many people is different; some people like the classic eggs and pancakes while others like funky creations that reinvent the wheel when it comes to brunch. Over the years, we have done 280 posts and well over 250 brunch spots in Montreal (we like to travel so we do some outside of Montreal, also) So here we go and keep in mind that if you think we missed a spot let us know by contacting us.

Best New Brunch in Montreal

This year we had a few new places that really stood out. Regine Cafe, Santa Barbara, Park, and Su are the top four that we explored this year. What is most impressive with these is that two of these are ethnic brunches. Su serves up a Turkish brunch over in Verdun while Park takes an Asian spin on brunch and has head chef Antonio Park’s magic touch. Regine Café offers a more classical brunch with some interesting changes on old classics. Santa Barbara is interesting because it has a fresh ingredient based approach to brunch and their dishes are like a ray of sunshine. Each of these have served up some great brunches and I was really torn between Regine and Park which are two very different kinds of brunches but it is Park that ended up wining out.

Best Overall Brunch in Montreal

The best overall in Montreal section gets harder every year. We usually get a chance to go back to our favourite spots so we are always able to keep tabs on them if the quality slips. Although, with over 5 years of reviews it becomes very difficult to choose one winner. I mean, in this category we have L’avenue, Lemeac, Chien Fumant, Sain Bol, Maison Publique, Park, Regine Cafe. Each has their own specialty like L’avenue which has classic brunch dishes done oh-so-perfectly and expanded upon with new creations; Lemeac with it’s French bistro take on brunch which is a work of art; Chien fummant with it’s creative and filling dishes; Sain Bol with it’s healthy organic and vegetarian dishes just hitting the spot every time; Maison Publique who consistently manages to impress us with incredible taste in every bite; Park who fuses Asian dishes into brunch fit for a city known for brunch; and Regine Café who in very little time has made dishes that rival many of the best spots in this list. This year, it ended up being a place I kept going back to over and over: Maison Publique. For one reason or another it just seemed right no matter who I was with for brunch. Chef Derek Dammann has struck gold with Maison Publique and made us extra happy that they began serving brunch on the opening weekend while other traditional restaurants would make you wait a year at least.

So that’s it for now, we will promise to keep eating and keep writing.


  • Dahlia says:

    I LOVED Lemeac, Regine Cafe, and Maison Publique for brunch! Great choices!

  • Liz Nanouris says:

    HEY! Where does a delightful young lady go for the BEST eggs benedict in Montreal? You have already sent me to the Old Bike, where else? THANKS! xoxox

  • Liz Nanouris says:

    HEY! Where does a delightful young lady go for the BEST eggs benedict in Montreal? You have already sent me to the Old Bike, where else?

  • Melanie Peti says:

    TMR also has Ben & Florentine on Lucerne
    Eggspectation in Rockland Shopping Center
    and Miss Jean Talon , nearby on JeanTalon
    near Lacadie
    and Dunns , at Decarie and Jean Talon West

    and Dupont Dupond in the center of TMR

    so lots of choices.

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